Animal Shelter’s status update Feb 1st.

2/1/23 Update: We want to thank BARC for caring for our dogs and a HUGE thank you to the rescue partners who came to save the day! 4 out of the 5 dogs have left the BARC facility. PLEASE CONTINUE TO NETWORK: Typhoon A1861746.

Apollo’s Pals Sanctuary Rehabilitation and Adoption Inc. – rescued Yaddle and Zeke.
Montana Pittie Project- rescued Tempest.
Houston Area Doberman Rescue- rescued Lucian

To our amazing Pasadena and Greater Houston advocates:
Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time. We learned today that several of the dogs that were accepted by BARC last week after the tornado had been placed on their euthanasia list for Monday, 1/30. Notes indicated that behavior was a factor in their decision. We have been in communication with BARC and those dogs have now been removed from that list. BARC understands that we are committed to these dogs and that we will take them back into our care if another rescue group, adopter, or foster family cannot be found. We thank BARC for stepping up in our time of need and also continuing their efforts on finding them placement. Thank you to everyone who has shown us support, and please keep the offers of rescue groups, fostering, and adoption coming! We are sharing the photos of the five dogs at BARC with their ID numbers. Please share to your rescue contacts to help us find them placement. We have a long road ahead of us, serving our community as best we can with limited capacity.

Below you will find the links for applications and to donate.

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  1. Teresa OConnor says:

    Pledges needed 🙏🏻

  2. Leslie Alcala-Webster says:

    I had put in an application for Mango from the Adoption Center we were supposed to introduce her to our kids and take her on an extended doggie date anyway we can find out where she went?

  3. Claudia Wallace says:

    BARC must find a sustainable way to become a true no kill shelter. The excuses they too often use of condition and behavioral problems is not acceptable. Not every dog is suitable to being housed in an unfamiliar small and noisy kennel. I am very disappointed that they intended to take that action on those traumatized dogs. Thank you for the commitment to all of the animals submitted to the care of Pasadena. So happy they will be safe. We adopted an elderly and in poor condition dog from Pasadena in 2020. I fear she would never have made it out alive if she were at #BARC.

  4. Christine Toomey says:

    Thank you for standing up to the administration at BARC! It is very upsetting that during these times, they offer to help with dogs, then place them on the list!

  5. Rhonda Keaton says:

    I would NOT HAVE TAKEN THEM TO BARC, They EUTHANIZE DOGS LIKE RAIN POURING DOWN. They do not give their dogs a chance at LIFE at all. If they the staff does not like a dog DOWN IT GOES!!!! Which it TRULY UNFAIR and UNCALLED FOR…

  6. Donna Kelly-Guinn says:

    BARC is unbelievable. Look what these poor animals have been through. Shame on them.

  7. Oh, this is the best news one can hear!! Every day there is a large sadness for the fur babies that we could not save in time or have saved but still euthanized!! If we all come together as one and tell BARC and other kill shelters, “NO MORE KILLING!!” That would be a great start and if we could just be in one large group connecting with each other and using our resources, things would definitely change. Of course, the public would need to be guided and given low inexpensive programs to help them support their fur babies. I’m amazed as others, from all over the globe, can’t believe how we are so quickly able to euthanized the dogs at the drop of a hat. We should really should incorporate other countries(like the Netherlands) methods of how they handle the fur babies. They are obviously doing something right, why can’t we do the same?

  8. Elizabeth Lea Suffron says:

    I’m not sure if I’m missing something: there are two listed in the photos with ID 1861742

  9. Sarah Briggs Maniekee says:

    Barc is an evil place filled with death and suffering. When I saw your dogs on the list I was sickened. Thank you for your dedication and compassion to the dogs you rescue and care for. Sharing!

  10. Kristi Mayfield says:

    Omg! That is horrific. Why offer help if this was their plan.

  11. Karina Sophia Zamiatowski says:

    Wonderful news!!

  12. Jennifer Casey says:

    Is there an update on these pups?

  13. Crystal Smith says:

    Wow! I knew it! So glad you will be getting them back! BARC needs to be shut down- they are not helpful… AT ALL!

  14. Rhonda Aguillon Salter says:

    Thank you for still trying to save them! If we are approved foster with Pasadena, do we have to get approved through barc? For one of these 5?

  15. Lexie Mason Swistak says:

    Great job guys! I’ll gladly help transport these pups if y’all need help with that. My schedule during the week is very flexible.

  16. Kelley Foxworth says:

    That’s horrible. Thanks for not letting that happen. Keep it up.

  17. Teresa OConnor says:

    Local foster offers needed

  18. Rachel Holliday says:

    Y’all are so amazing 💙

  19. Amory Lucy says:

    Thank you for saving your dogs Pasadena. You guys work too hard to save the ones you get for them to do that. I feel horrible for any dog that ends up at BARC

  20. Rebecca Ray Soraiz says:

    I adopted a dog he supposed to get fixed on Wednesday how is that if y’all building is bad I was supposed to drop off at y’all location

  21. Donna Thornton-Smith says:

    Monika V Cloud any of your peeps able to help

  22. Rachel Holliday says:

    Grizzy’s Hood News

  23. Kellie Cook says:

    Jennifer Casey

  24. Carly Jane says:

    Lynnea Goodley Barnes

  25. Veronica Zelaya says:

    Aurora Portillo

  26. Kimberly Barajas says:

    Bobbie Medley

  27. Mokey Marshall says:

    Why would BARC take them to euthanize them? Of course their behavior is off. The animals went through a tornado!

  28. Kim Keleman says:

    Wow. They volunteer to take them in and then kill them. You need to get them back before they “accidentally” are put down.

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