Celeste likes to knock Coke cans off the table and do inside laughing. Funny thing is her tail’s too short.

Celeste has a smaller tail than most dogs her size, but she seems to wag it twice as much. 💕 She is just a happy girl. Smiling, leaning in to you for cuddles, running around the yard…happy.

She seems to love everything: toys, treats, walking on her leash, being around people. She wasn’t hyper or overly excited; she just really seemed to appreciate it all. She is simply a sweet girl who seemed to relish being out of her kennel and getting some love.

We want that for her every day.

If you can do that for this gorgeous girl, please come by and meet her. Ask for three-year-old Celeste (A160179) when you stop in.

Pasadena Animal Shelter
5150 Burke Road
Pasadena, TX 77504
(281) 991-0602

Pasadena Animal Shelter

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