Check out the PPD Bike Patrol Unit dedicated to keeping our community safe as they pedal through neighborhoods, meeting families and preventing crime.

Several Pasadena Police Department officers recently attended a Police Bicycle School and have quickly implemented their skills in our community.

This proactive unit collaborates with Patrol and other divisions to reduce crime and increase police visibility, serving as a significant crime deterrent. The Bike Patrol Unit can communicate directly with citizens and can immediately address in-progress crimes.

Yesterday, this unit rode through several neighborhoods in the city and had the privilege of meeting families within the Pasadena community. Bike Patrol Officers D. Martinez, L. Chipres, N. Diaz, and D. Alaffita represented the unit, which is comprised of 22 department members.

Chief J. Wright, Lt. Gonzalez, and Sgt. Inns also accompanied the Bike Patrol Unit, and together, they continue to establish strong community relationships with those we honorably serve.

Pasadena Police Department

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