Good boy Mateo’s got a coat smooth as silk and probably vacuum friendly.

This adorable guy is laidback and calm indoors and happy and playful when you take him out.

He was happy as can be when he was meeting everyone and getting love, but nothing seemed to make him as ecstatic as when we got out the treats. 😁

He took them gently from our hands, scarfed them down in record time and then thanked us with a steadily thumping tail…all the while, looking for the next one.

He is looking for a home with lots of love and a steady supply of treats. If that might be your home, come by and ask to meet Mateo (A161002).

▪️Mateo (A161002)
▪️Pitbull Terrier mix
▪️5 years old
▪️62.6 lbs

Pasadena Animal Shelter
5150 Burke Road
Pasadena, TX 77504
(281) 991-0602
[email protected]

Pasadena Animal Shelter



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