Green Milkweed is a vital lifesource for Monarch Butterflies and pollinators.

Green milkweed is an important source of food for monarch caterpillars, as well as a source of nectar for adult migrating butterflies. It is also a source of nectar for other butterfly species and other pollinators. These plants produce latex (a white milky substance) that is toxic to humans and other animals. Large milkweed bugs feed on the seeds, leaves and stems of milkweed plants. Their black and orange color is a warning to predators that this insect is toxic because they are able to consume and digest the latex that milkweed plants produce.
Photo courtesy of EcoEducation teacher Julie Brandt

Armand Bayou Nature Center



  1. Heather Young Sutherland says:

    Ever have green milkweed seeds or plants for sale?

  2. Ess Ranger says:

    Love the whole milkweed system! We are so lucky to have several native species.

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