I used to be in a band called Flock of Spoonbills. Check out Gary Seloff’s beautiful shots of baby Roseate Spoonbills at Armand Bayou.

This flock of mostly juvenile roseate spoonbills were seen feeding on ABNC’s Horsepen Bayou.
Photos courtesy of Gary Seloff


Armand Bayou Nature Center



  1. Alexis Harmon says:

    First time I saw a flock I almost wrecked the car…thinking I was seeing flamingos!!

  2. Priscilla Hill says:

    Seen one of these birds in the retention pond next to chiropractic college. Did not know what kind of bird it was. Only one at that pond.

  3. Ashley Howie says:

    Sabrina Zortman 🥰 These are the ones I was looking for yesterday!

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