Links for those who’d like to help out the Animal Shelter.

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Ashbury Church 5354 Space Center Blvd

Volunteer form:

Pasadena Animal Shelter


  1. Michelle Schenkelaars-Camp says:

    Pasadena Animal Shelter is there a list of which dogs went to Barc?

    I would demand they be removed from Barc if you want them to live.

    They say they are at capacity and have a Euth list of 20+ dogs EVERY day except Sunday – and they offer help? Help to kill maybe.

    Barc Houston has Killed 149 dogs so far this month, that we know of. Killed 700 dogs in Oct. Nov. Dec.

  2. Sasha Emery says:

    Actually you all are not currently set-up for matching at CenterPoint Energy if there is a business point of contact with email I can get that started as many of my co-workers are donating and I don’t want to leave that money on the table for you all.

  3. Jordyn Cook says:

    Our FFA chapter would love to help. What can we do?

  4. Sarah Bonin says:

    Please please code your donation link so people can just click it and give. That will make such a difference in your donations.

  5. Chris Wachowicz Saltal says:

    Pasadena animal shelter -please contact me.. I am the district manager for PetSupermarket…we have a truck in route to us to assist you.

  6. Paloma Paez says:

    Pasadena Animal Shelter I was interested in fostering or having a doggie date before adopting a dog that I’ve seen twice in the past two weeks, but now I know the dog has been taken into foster care since the storm. I tried contacting someone about her but haven’t heard back. Is this still possible?

  7. Kimberly Jennings says:

    Pasadena Animal Shelter So I am seeing that dogs have been sent to Barc. Which everyone in rescue knows is a high kill shelter. Did you receive any assurances that your dogs and cats will not be euthanized?

  8. James Fulk says:

    We went to your website and are trying to make a donation and either we’re doing something wrong or it’s not working. Please let me know how we can make a donation.

  9. Jen LaPonte says:

    My semi pro indoor team (IG @houston.indoorclub) is having a paws on the pitch game sunday 1/29. We are donating part of our ticket sales to Pasadena Animal Shelter and having sponsors donate per goal scored too! We are really excited about helping this amazing animal shelter!!!

  10. Sasha Emery says:

    donated and my company matches hope that helps

  11. Dana Tatum says:

    Do you need any help around the shelter tomorrow?

  12. Sarah Bonin says:

    It is impossible to donate. Your direct link opens up the ad.

  13. Judy Abernathy says:

    Our adopted dog was scheduled to be spayed and chipped this Monday 01/30 at the shelter. I’m assuming this won’t be happening and am wondering if there is somewhere to call for information or rescheduling.

  14. Michelle Wilbur says:

    Do you have a GOFUNDME page??

  15. Denise Flores says:

    Pasadena Animal Shelter if my brother in law had an scheduled appointment to adopt a dog this Friday. Is the dog still there? I know he has been trying to contact y’all through voicemail and email.

  16. Joan Meza says:

    how can I make a monetary donation, the included link is not valid

  17. Bria Lynn Dorko says:

    I can help take in one or 2 cats if you need it. And would love to help in anyway possible. Please let me know what I can do to help! Y’all gifted me both my amazing animals. Changed my life! Let me help you please!

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