LPPD celebrating employee accomplishments and welcoming the new to the crew 👮

La Porte Police Department celebrates employee accomplishments and welcomes new employees!

In step with the agency’s tradition of positive employee recognition, the La Porte Police Department hosted an employee accomplishment and recognition ceremony on the afternoon of November 17, 2022.

Officer Terrence “TJ” Babin, Officer Justin Deem, Officer Steven Macon, Officer Kelly Martinez, Officer Blanca Mendoza, and K9 Choir Boy were sworn in as new officers. Animal Control Officer Katherine Laird was also welcomed to the department.

Employee of the Quarter Awards:
2nd Quarter 2022 – Michelle Calvert
3rd Quarter 2022 – Officer Jeff Kominek

Sgt. Matt Novosad, Lt. Lee Stewart, Sgt. Ron Digby, Officer Rene Hernandez, Officer Tracy Phelan, Officer Yvonne Stanley, ACO Supervisor Clarence Anderson, and Crime Victims Liaison Shaye Lister all received the Chief’s Letter of Commendation for demonstrating excellence and going above the call of duty.

La Porte Police Department’s commitment to both its new and existing members, as well as its ongoing dedication to providing a high level of service for the La Porte community, remains unmistakably evident. The department believes that service manifests itself through the hiring of the best people available and then by outfitting those people with proper training, equipment, support, and guidance. The final step is to recognize employees for their extraordinary efforts and highlight their value. Area residents are encouraged to join the police department by taking the time to congratulate the listed employees and citizens on their dedication.

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