Lucy smiles a lot under any circumstances. She’d make a great silly dog for your family 😉

That’s not just the name of an iconic TV show; it’s also pretty much the only thing you could hear last Friday afternoon if you were standing near the play yard at our shelter.

That’s because this girl was out there, and she is adorable.

Everything about her is precious, and none of us could stop exclaiming over her.

From the minute she sees you, she bounces up to you like you are her absolute most favorite person on the planet. She has an ear-to-ear grin lighting up her face, and she’s wiggling with pure joy and excitement.

She likes to give kisses and soaks up any affection you give her, and she has the best time playing with her doggie friends or chasing a ball.

Just look at the photo of her running: pure joy. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you’re around her.

If you also love Lucy, come by and meet her! Ask for one-year-old Lucy (A162397).

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