Meet Lily May, Animal Shelter Pet Updates are the best updates 🐾

🐾 Pet Update 🐾 When you know, you know. ❤️ We love this story of Lily May finding her family:

“We adopted this sweet girl in May, and she has been such a joy to our lives! She is thriving, and so are we!

Previously, we had 3 Chihuahuas: a mom and two brothers. The brother passed last year at age 10, and then the mom passed this April at age 15 from numerous health issues.

Poor Uno was left alone and became depressed.

A picture of Bama (now Lily May) was posted on what would have been Dottie’s (the mom) birthday — May 13 — and our whole family fell in love!

But when we took Uno for a meet and greet, sadly Uno was not very friendly with Bama.

We just couldn’t quit thinking about her, and finally my daughter said I am getting her. So she did, and now the pup formerly known as Bama is sweet Lily May and has found her forever home!

And Uno loves her so much!

Lily is thriving and getting so big! She is super loving and loves toys (which she has a ton).”

To Lily May’s family, thank you for loving her, for not giving up and for adopting! ❤️

Pasadena Animal Shelter


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