On May 17, a sneaky 🤡 at Wal-Mart snatched a purse and cell phone, then swiped a credit card at Fuel Depot. Help PPD catch a clown.

On May 17, 2024, the victim in this case was shopping at Wal-Mart. (5200 Fairmont Pkwy.)
During this time, the suspect took the victim’s purse and cell phone from the victim’s shopping cart and left the business.
Later, the suspect used the victim’s credit card without her consent at a gas station known as Fuel Depot. (7506 Martin Luther King Dr.)
The suspect was observed driving a gray Buick Lacrosse (Approximate year: 2005). The vehicle has damage to the front left bumper and driver’s side doors. Also, the hood appears to be discolored compared to the rest of the body.
If you recognize this suspect or the vehicle, please contact Detective Slight at (713)475-4919 or send us a message on any of our social media pages.

Pasadena Police Department

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