Opportunity to sponsor PLS&R Heifer and Steer Rings at the Summer Prospect Show.

Updates 05/23/2023 for the Prospect Show July 14-16th 2023.
Call us today at 281-487-0140 We have two Ring Sponsorships Heifer Ring and the Steer Ring available for only $500.00 each.
This is a great sponsorship for anyone that would like to get involved and show your support to the students . Call us here in the office at 281-487-0240 or email us at [email protected].

Thank you to Prime Realty Property Management for sponsoring not only the last buckle, but three buckles for the summer prospect show. Thank you Brittney West for your continued support.

Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo



  1. George McBroom says:

    I have animals I’d like to show in this. How do I enter

  2. Brittney West says:

    I will sponsor the buckle if it’s still available.

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