Pasadena Rodeo is accepting vendor applications.

We are looking for Vendors for one or all our events.
Below is a list of our event dates that has spots available.
If interested, please complete your application online.
Click on the link to complete your forms and get more information.

For more information on any event please call us here in the office at 281-487-0240 or go to the website at

Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo


  1. Leslie Fox says:

    Bartender Mom

  2. Christina-Panchito Esquivel says:

    Sara Lina

  3. Lisa Owen Gann says:

    Dianna Owen

  4. Megan Haire says:

    Lisa Owen Gann LG Designs

  5. Sarah Sharp says:

    Jessica Miller

  6. Wendy Lemke says:

    Katlyn Page Westerlage

  7. Sean Briand says:

    John Rodriguez

  8. Alisia Cds says:

    Jessica Barajas

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