Peggy Ferrugia took on Directorship for the PLSR Livestock Auction.

It’s that time of year again, RODEO !!! Planning has already started.

This year there have been some Committee changes. The Livestock Auction is under new Directorship. My name is Peggy Ferrugia and I will be Director over this committee while under the guidance of Vice President in Charge of the Livetock Auction Committee Sam J. Ferrugia, III. I have been asked to come back and help out with the Livestock Auction, some will remember me and for the new members I was over the Auction committee in prior years and I am quite honored to be back. I am excited to once again be part of this great Committe along with working with the best committeemen and women. This is a fun group of people to work beside and I hope that you will think about coming on board. We have two days that we work. And we have remained “ One Team, with One Vision, with One Goal, Success”, Set up is on Wednesday September 27th, 2023. And then the Actual Livestock Auction is on Thursday September 28th, 2023 at 11:00 am. Each day is a full day of work. Wednesday is a very important day as set up is a full day. We need to have as many Committeemen and women there as possible. The work of setting up and decorating for the Livestock Auction requires lots of hands. Thursday February 28th is the actual Livestock Auction and once again requires as many committeemen and women as possible.
Our first meeting will be February 9th, 2023 at 6:30pm in the Director’s Room at Pasadena Rodeo grounds 7601 Red Bluff Pasadena, Texas. I hope you will consider joining this great committee and I look forward to regrouping with past members. We will be celebrating our 74th Year with Pasadena Livestock Show and Rodeo and once again we look forward to a very successful Rodeo Season.

Thank you, Peggy M. Ferrugia

Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo


  1. Darleen Price Keeling says:

    will be their cant wate to work with you again

  2. Tracy Mason says:

    Can’t wait 🤠

  3. Stacie Louden Akmal says:

    Without a doubt, Peggy will do a great job! Class Act right there for sure!

  4. Rosbel Garza says:

    Is there still time to join a committee?

  5. Tina Alford-Bookout says:

    FYI- check the dates mentioned. Auction is in September, not February.

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