PFD’s Flashback Friday featuring Old Betsy 🚒

For this weeks edition of #FlashbackFriday, we want to share with you some old photographs of Old Betsy. Old Betsy is a 1929 American La France pumper that serves as the first piece of apparatus for the Pasadena Fire Department. Purchased in 1941, Old Betsy served many years on the roads of Pasadena, Texas. Now, Old Betsy sits in her final resting spot in the lobby of the Pasadena Fire Training Facility surrounded by the Pasadena Volunteer Fire Department Wall of Honor. Soon, the Wall of Honor will display all names of retirees from the Pasadena Fire Department. This is one way that we can commemorate and honor the men and women who served many years to the City of Pasadena, Texas.

Pasadena Fire Department


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