Phoenix is a recent graduate of Command College and fluent in Goofball.  She can’t wait to crack you up. You can adopt her at 11am.

If you’re looking for a girl who knows every command, Phoenix is not the girl for you. But if you’re looking for a girl who is a bit of a goofball and is all heart, she just might be.

She’s also a girl who has never really had a chance.

She’s only 8 months old and was adopted from us, along with her sibling, as a young puppy but returned when they got bigger. Her brother, who looked more like a Dalmatian, was quickly re-adopted.

Because of space and a very minor skin issue, which was quickly treated and resolved, she was placed in a kennel in an area that doesn’t typically get as many visitors.

Now, this sweet girl has been with us for more than 100 days.

Her hobbies include: running while occasionally tripping over her own paws, having no concept of that whole “personal space” thing that people keep mentioning to her, greeting everyone like they are her absolute most favorite person on the planet, and finding the utmost joy in every single thing she comes across.

She’s ready for her chance. If you’re the one who can give it her, please come by and ask to meet Phoenix (A160624).

Pasadena Animal Shelter
5150 Burke Road
Pasadena, TX 77504
(713) 920-7942
[email protected]

Pasadena Animal Shelter



  1. Helen Valdez says:

    Awww so cute great pet for a kid. I pray she gets adopted. She’s pretty.

  2. Marie Blackmore-Stalcup says:

    she is so funny when she runs all paws and not much coordination 😂😂😂

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