PPD celebrating Officer Besserud and Officer Rohrer’s achievements in preventing drunk driving at the MADD Luncheon in Houston.

On June 13th, the DWI Task Force was honored to attend the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Luncheon in Houston. At this event, MADD recognizes officers in the region who go above and beyond in their duties to prevent drunk/impaired driving.

This year, Officer P. Bennett, Officer E. Besserud, and Sergeant K. Oliver of the DWI Task Force were in attendance. Officer R. Powell, who is an integral part of our mission to prevent drunk/impaired driving, was also in attendance. Officer B. Rohrer (a member of the DWI Task Force Unit) was unable to attend.

The Distinguished Enforcement Hero Award is presented to an officer who “exemplified strong commitment with the most DWI arrests.” Officer Besserud was the recipient of this award.

The Outstanding Rookie Award is presented to the officer who “exemplified a strong commitment to MADD’s mission or diligence in DWI arrests and an outstanding record of DWI arrests.” Officer Rohrer received this award.

The Pasadena Police Department’s DWI Task Force Unit received the Outstanding Service Award, which is presented to those who “exemplified going above and beyond in the areas of leadership, prevention, or enforcement.”

We are proud of these Officers for dedicating their time and efforts to a process that requires attention to detail and knowledge of performing a thorough investigation to keep our citizens safe.

Pasadena Police Department

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