Setsuko feels at home at the Animal Shelter. Imagine his life was turrible before the shelter.

She was first here as a puppy. She got adopted, but over the years, she was found and brought here several times.

We have so many pictures of her in our system that when you scroll through them, you can actually watch her grow up right before your eyes. The girl who started as a healthy, roly-poly puppy is now underweight and has some scars.

She tries so hard.

When people walk by, she tries desperately to get their attention, not realizing she might be scaring them off. She tries to keep her kennel clean and will paw at the door when she needs to go out. She tries to show you how grateful she is for your attention by giving you sweet kisses and putting her paws up on you for hugs.

But it’s never enough. She keeps getting passed by.

But when she relaxes and realizes she doesn’t have to try so hard, she is just the best girl. And she will win your heart completely without even trying.

We know that someone out there will show this sweetheart what a real home is like and that unconditional love exists. If that’s you, please come by and ask for four-year-old Setsuko (A136922).

Pasadena Adoption Center
5160 Burke Rd.
Pasadena, TX 77504
(713) 920-7942

Pasadena Animal Shelter

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