Spike’s pretty stressed in the shelter and could use your kind heart to pick hims up. They open at 9 🦸

This sweet boy might look like the man of steel, but he’s just not holding up well in the shelter. It stresses him out. He is so restless in his kennel that he has cut his face against the gate more than once.

After you get him out and take him away from the noise and commotion, he’s a different guy.

He’s still a wiggly guy, but it’s different — it’s a happy, I-want-to-see-everything kind of wiggly. A joyous kind. And a much more contented kind.

He settles pretty quickly, especially if you have treats. As soon as he sees them, he sits. And he pretty much won’t move a muscle until you give him one. Then all you’ll hear is happy chomping and the quick, steady thumping of a tail that’s wagging faster than seems possible.

This good boy is waiting for someone to swoop in and save the day (which, in this case, just means give him a quieter place to live and a comfy bed).

If you’re the hero Spike (A160666) has been looking for — whether that’s a forever home or a foster home — please come by today.

Spike (A160666)
Two years old
46 lbs

Pasadena Adoption Center
5160 Burke Rd.
Pasadena, TX 77504
(713) 920-7942
[email protected]

Pasadena Animal Shelter



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  3. Holly Halliburton Callahan says:

    Shared. Let’s pledge for a rescue. $20 pledge

  4. Cindi Tegge Odneal says:

    Spike is not handling the shelter stress well at all. He is pressing his face into the gate door of his kennel that he is literally cutting his face. Can you help this guy out by fostering or adopting? He will be your Superman!

  5. Pasadena Animal Shelter says:

    Super Spike

  6. Gloria Harvell says:


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