PISD’s Get Fit Jog is making a comeback this Saturday. Avery’s articles 📰

“The pandemic took away so much of our athletic enjoyment and at the very top of the things that covid stole from us were the third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders leaving the starting line for Get Fit Jog.”

Pasadena Citizen

Park View is the points champion of the Pasadena ISD 7th grade girls district Track and Field Championship. Avery’s articles 📰

“The points champion for the recent Pasadena ISD seventh grade girls district track and field championship didn’t come from the first-place team.”


Pasadena Citizen

Lady Deer secure all-district honors and Coach of the Year accolades with a 12-0 record and 395-point differential.

“Deer Park’s stampede through the 2022-23 District 22-6A girls basketball schedule was reflected in the coaches’ recent all-district selections.”


Pasadena Citizen

Sophomore Pitcher Torres Shocks Deer Park with Victory at Jim Kethan Field. Avery’s articles 📰

“A sophomore pitcher from a visiting team did something Thursday afternoon that so many senior pitchers have failed to do at Deer Park High School’s Jim Kethan Field.”


Pasadena Citizen

Thompson Intermediate Dominates Seventh-Grade District Championship, Emerging as Top Contender for Eighth-Grade Boys Track and Field Crown.

“We now know who the favorite will be to win the eighth-grade boys district championship in track and field next March when the intermediate schools reconvene.”


Pasadena Citizen

San Jacinto boys and Thompson girls intermediate pull out big wins in track and field. Avery’s articles 📰

“Highlighted by Chance Girod becoming the first-ever San Jacinto Intermediate School athlete to capture four gold medals at a district meet, the Tigers claimed the eighth-grade district boys championship with a narrow 150-138 win over Thompson at Allan Brown Stadium Wednesday night.”


Pasadena Citizen

Todd the Tornado didn’t stop Pasadena Girls Softball from showing up for game time. Avery’s articles 📰

“After a powerful tornado damaged the Pasadena Girls Softball Association’s complex mid-afternoon on Jan. 24, the thought of staging normal opening-day festivities six weeks later seemed like a long shot.”


Pasadena Citizen

Pastor Jack Womack: Find more ways to focus on faith during Lent.

“During Lent are there ways we might increase our focus on faith? There always seems to be some tension between the law and faith. Legalism is both comforting and binding, yet we seem to gravitate to it regularly. In our efforts to maintain our relationship with God, it would be much easier if it were simply about rules.”


Pasadena Citizen

Pasadena grew 3.6% from this time last year. DeLapp’s article 📰

“The city of Pasadena garnered $43.02 million in sales tax revenue for 2022, which was almost $1.5 million, or 3.6 percent, more that the city received the year before, according to the latest report from the Texas State Comptroller’s Office.”


Pasadena Citizen

PAL Gym held its Super Swish for the 18th time last night. Avery’s articles 📰

“OK, all is finally right with the sports world in Pasadena. The pandemic took this last missing piece away, but not anymore.

Saturday night before a packed house at PAL Gym, Super Swish, the 18th edition, returned better than ever.”


Pasadena Citizen

Living and telling your story of God’s love. Pastor Jack Womack 📰

“We like to think of Jesus with excitement and expectation. Jesus loved little children, ministered to outcasts and lepers, healed the sick and comforted those in pain and grief. For Christians, Jesus is both God and our hero. The reality of Jesus’ life, suffering and death is not so comforting.”


Pasadena Citizen

First Baptist Christian Academy basketball took care of business at First Baptist of Marble Falls. Avery’s articles 📰

“Pasadena First Baptist Christian Academy’s varsity boys basketball team wrapped its arms around the underdog role when it traveled to Marble Falls Tuesday night, forced to face the district champions from First Baptist of Marble Falls on the Flames’ home floor.”


Pasadena Citizen

How’d the Chronicle’s panel of experts do picking the Super Bowl LVII champs? Avery’s articles 📰

“Once more, the Pasadena Citizen sports department has assembled what we believe is the highest grade of experts who have been asked to do almost the impossible.”


Pasadena Citizen

Trojans take first place from Deer Park. Avery’s articles 📰

“South Houston’s varsity boys basketball team completed the season sweep of Deer Park Wednesday night, all but capturing the District 22-6A crown in the process with a 45-41 win at Watkins Gym.”


Pasadena Citizen

Soccer game of the year as brothers fight it out Tuesday fight night. Avery’s articles 📰

“With each biannual “Manrique Brothers Bowl” that unfolds at Veterans Memorial Stadium, the stakes seem to get a bit higher and that’s a really good thing for the Pasadena ISD soccer scene.”


Pasadena Citizen

South Houston beat Dobie, shooting the Trojans straight up to the state playoffs. Congratulations! Avery’s articles 📰

“The Trojans, in clinching a coveted Class 6A state playoff berth, led from start to finish in crushing Dobie 75-41 in a District 22-6A boys basketball game at the South Houston gym Saturday afternoon.”


Pasadena Citizen

Champions in the making San Jacinto 8A girls basketball dominates with 13-1 season and are the PISD champions. Avery’s articles 📰

“San Jacinto Intermediate’s 8A girls basketball team was so convincing, so effective, so business-like in their 8A postseason championship game that head coach Jordan Wilson paused her coaching duties just long enough to get a little boy a Band-aid.”


Pasadena Citizen

Pasadena Little Theater made the big leagues for their show starting this week The Outsider. Maines article 📰

“A wily political consultant strikes gold by teaming a reluctant candidate with an eager office temp in Paul Slade Smith’s satire, “The Outsider,” which plays Feb. 3-12 at Pasadena Little Theatre.”


Pasadena Citizen

The Deer Park High choir will be performing their gospel show ‘Hello Texas’ on Sunday to raise funds for those impacted by the tornado. Maines article 📰

“Deer Park High School Choir’s performance of its annual gospel show on Sunday will benefit victims of the tornado that devastated parts of Pasadena and Deer Park this week.”


Pasadena Citizen

Deer Park storms back with a strong opening of Tour II for tornado tired fans. Avery’s articles 📰

“Deer Park gave its tornado-weary basketball fans a reprieve from all of the destruction with a 64-55 District 22-6A victory over Pasadena at Watkins Gym Thursday night.”


Pasadena Citizen

Politicians Assemble. Pasadena City Council Candidate Filing Kicks off for May 6th Election. DeLapp’s article 📰

“The filing period is underway for candidates in the city of Pasadena’s May 6 election, with all eight City Council seats on the ballot. Pasadena council members are limited to four consecutive two-year terms. Mayor Jeff Wagner will continue serving a second four-year term that ends in 2025.”


Pasadena Citizen

Mavs break South Houston’s winning streak, shake up district in 52-45 victory. Avery’s articles 📰

“The Mavs snapped district-leading South Houston’s winning streak at five, following a hard-fought and physical 52-45 win in the Mavs Gym Friday night.”


Pasadena Citizen

Actress Liz Rachelle from Pasadena to star in Ensemble Theatre drama, previously seen on OWN’s ‘Ready to Love’. Maines article 📰

“A Pasadena-area actress who didn’t find her soulmate on the TV reality/dating show “Ready to Love” portrays a mysterious woman out to cause “a little mischief” in a drama at The Ensemble Theatre in Houston.”


Pasadena Citizen

Pastor Womack: Baptism makes vibrant witnesses to the love of God.

Pastor Womack Senior Pastor at Hope Community UMC Pasadena TX

“Our identity is one of the most important facets of our lives. We live in a time when identity theft seems to be a common occurrence. So how do we really know who we are and what it means to be so identified? Christians have a way of establishing their identity. It is through our baptism that we are identified.”


La Porte kicked everybody’s butt in monthly sales tax revenue with more than $1 million. DeLapp’s  article 📰

“Sales taxes generated in the first month of the holiday shopping season varied greatly in the municipalities on the south side of the Houston Ship Channel in November.”


La Porte monthly sales tax revenue averaging more than $1 million dlvr.it/Sh1tsC https://t.co/Bjxk8xYIo7
Pasadena Citizen

It was a good Friday the 13th for the Trojans beating Deer Park and moving to 1st place 51-41. Avery’s articles 📰

“They say it’s not how you start that matters, it’s how you finish. Well, South Houston High School’s boys basketball team made sure that the start not only mattered but so did the finish.”


Pasadena Citizen

District 22-6A Girls Basketball: Achieving 12-0 or Achieving the Perfect Midweek-Weekend Balance. Avery’s articles 📰

“The Lady Deer, Dobie, Pasadena Memorial and Channelview have the inside track to extending their respective seasons and possible state playoff assignments the week of Valentine’s Day.”


Pasadena Citizen

Pasadena High basketball defeats Falcons 71-59 despite slow beginning. Avery’s articles 📰

“The way Pasadena began Tuesday night’s District 22-6A boys basketball game, it looked like the Eagles were trying to tiptoe around their opponent, let sleeping dogs lie in other words.”


Pasadena Citizen

Dobie soccer teams marching tall after the Pearland/Pasadena Cup last weekend.

“Fans really didn’t know which was better. Was it the spring-like temperatures or the soccer action during this past weekend’s Pearland/Pasadena Cup? They just know it was a pleasant start to the 2023 high school soccer season as 24 teams set out to see where they stood after three days of action at five sites, including Veterans Memorial Stadium.”


Pasadena Citizen

Come back kings, Pasadena basketball put an end to the Maverick’s game lead last Friday Jan 6th 84-58. Avery’s articles 📰

“The last time Pasadena High School’s varsity boys basketball team defeated Memorial on the road, there was a coach far, far away in Palestine, likely coaching a game.”


Pasadena Citizen

Pasadena’s pro producer Anders Gym, gets the excavator. Avery’s articles 📰

“A former college gym in Pasadena where numerous basketball conference titles were won and that helped propel the careers of eventual NBA players Sam Cassell and Steve Francis is being demolished this week.”


Pasadena Citizen

Memorial girls basketball took a big hit by Deer Park 55-31 Tuesday Jan 3rd. Avery’s articles 📰

“A hint as to what was about to occur took place during Deer Park’s pre-game warm up. In their shoot around, the Lady Deer were draining five consecutive shots more than once. Was it a fluke because no one was guarding them or was it really a taste of things to come.”


Pasadena Citizen

The Pearland/Pasadena ISD Invitational soccer tournament kicks off this week, featuring a field of 24 teams. Avery’s articles 📰

“With highs in the 70s and a mere 40 percent chance of rain on Saturday, the new season kicks off in spectacular fashion when 24 teams will be competing. As always, Veterans Memorial Stadium will help host the soccer extravaganza by hosting 10 games, four on Thursday, three on Friday and three more on Saturday.”


Soccer season begins with big 24-team tournament dlvr.it/SgKL2f https://t.co/dPifUjVLAY
Pasadena Citizen

Girls’ District 22-6A Race Begins Tuesday Evening. Avery’s articles 📰

“The new year is here, meaning we’re about to see which District 22-6A girls roster devoured the most black-eyed peas this weekend.

It’s taken us forever just to get three games deep into the district schedule, but starting Tuesday night, it’ll be time to strap on the seatbelts.”


Pasadena Citizen

Maverick girls basketball was one point short of a consolation victory last Wednesday. Avery’s articles 📰

“It was a maddening day for Pasadena Memorial varsity girls basketball coach Jennifer Azul. And it wasn’t because she was unable to return one of her Christmas gifts at Kohl’s.”


Pasadena Citizen

The familiar Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign fell short of its goal this year. Orozco’s article 📰

“That incident capped a muted holiday season campaign for the organization in which its primary fundraising drive of the year, the Red Kettle campaign, fell $175,000 short of a $1.1 million goal. ”


Pasadena Citizen

Deer Park High’s Aguilar is going to Florida this season with the Florida Complex League Yankees. Avery’s articles 📰

“Deer Park High School’s most famous pitcher since Andy Pettitte will be looking for a bounce-back baseball campaign amongst the palm trees and sunny skies of Florida in 2023.”


Pasadena Citizen

Warriors honored for guiding Pasadena-First Baptist Christian Academy to state title game. Avery’s articles 📰

“Members of the Pasadena-First Baptist Christian Academy six-man football team were recently honored for doing their part in handing the program its finest season in school history.”


Host of Warriors honored for guiding FBCA to state title game dlvr.it/SfsSDB https://t.co/gR0DJaeztj
Pasadena Citizen

Holiday Baseball Camp at Deer Park High was worth its weight in gold.

“Not just play it, but got better at it as a wealth of knowledgeable coaches spent two days with the youngsters during the Holiday Baseball Camp at the Deer Park High School baseball facilities on the North campus Tuesday and Wednesday.”


Pasadena Citizen

Football coaches identify the top players in District 22. Avery’s articles 📰

“With 23 players garnering all-district honors, including three among the specialty awards, the District 22-6A football coaches richly rewarded unbeaten and district champion Channelview in a lucrative way.”


Pasadena Citizen

Since the last freeze, home pipes and people freezing protection is top priority. Avery’s articles 📰

“On the eve of an anticipated freeze for the Houston area, those in the plumbing industry such as John Eccles are preparing for what may come, with memories still fresh of the demands they faced during 2021’s Winter Storm Uri.”


Houston plumbing company braces for potential rush of calls during expected freeze dlvr.it/SflpS5 https://t.co/m2K4B1w8Kf
Pasadena Citizen

The Historic Crown Hill Cemetery hosts Wreaths Across America at veteran’s graves. Avery’s articles 📰

“At the same time that a similar ceremony was taking place Saturday at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, D.C. Crown Hill Cemetery in Pasadena was holding its own solemn event to lay wreaths at the graves of military veterans.”



Pasadena Citizen

Big heart Miss Southeast Texas 2023 Meaghan Co out of Deer Park is moving right along up the life ladder. Maines article 📰

“Meeting the 2022 Miss America at a recent event helped give Meaghan Co of Deer Park the confidence that she, too, might win the grandaddy of all titles in the pageant world.”


Pasadena Citizen

Bondy 7A made things pucker by defeating Deer Park 51–50 to win the San Jacinto Invitational trophy. Avery’s articles 📰

“In a San Jacinto Invitational seventh grade A Silver bracket where just six points spelled the difference in four contests, the championship game was as tight as they come.”


Pasadena Citizen

Leaky depends on how you look at it, nevertheless the Mavericks sent Kempner home with an L Tuesday Dec 6th 68-55. Avery’s articles 📰

“There was a reason Pasadena Memorial’s boys basketball team finished Tuesday night’s game with three players scoring in double figures. Yeah, perhaps they took advantage of a leaky defense, but the primary reason was to water down the production of one Kempner High School player.”


Pasadena Citizen

Volleyball coaches acknowledge the top athletes in 22-6A. Avery’s articles 📰

“Pasadena High School’s program, in reaching the Class 6A playoffs for a second straight season, matched Dobie with two of its players garnering honors. Freshman Caryme Molina was picked as the Newcomer of the Year recipient and Angelina Cruz secured Defensive Player of the Year recognition.”


Pasadena Citizen

Christmas floats, lights, and other festivities fill the Pasadena parade. Avery’s articles 📰

“Amid pleasant early December temperatures, crowds watched the procession travel Fairmont Parkway’s eastbound lanes, make a turn and finish with a westbound trek to the starting point on Mickey Gilley Boulevard. Sonic Drive-In’s bays were packed with people instead of cars.  At the entrance to Castle Dental and JCPenney, parade-watchers stood six rows deep.”


Pasadena Citizen

Tight games are the fun games especially when Pasadena jackslaps Kingwood Park 57-54. Avery’s articles 📰

“The way new Pasadena High School boys basketball coach Chris Cole saw it, his club didn’t almost let an 11-point fourth-period lead slip away, he instead saw his club gain valuable experience in winning a nailbiter.”


Pasadena edges Kingwood Park 57-54 dlvr.it/SdbV2m https://t.co/ZbhVqheMG0
Pasadena Citizen

Pasadena’s First Baptist Christian Academy won a trip to the state championship football game. Avery’s articles 📰

“The Pasadena-First Baptist Christian Academy varsity football team competed in their first fourth quarter of the season this past Friday night and the results were spectacular.”


Pasadena Citizen

South Houston is defeated by Cinco Ranch 46–35 Wednesday Nov 23rd. Avery’s articles 📰

“When South Houston drained 50 percent of their shot attempts to start their boys basketball game against non-district foe Cinco Ranch Wednesday afternoon, it had promise written all over it.”


Pasadena Citizen

Mavericks secured a spot in Saturday’s Division II Gold championship game. Round up of McDonald’s Texas Invitational Tournament. Avery’s articles 🏀

“Despite two cliffhangers, Pasadena Memorial’s varsity boys basketball team is making plans for a rare trip to a McDonald’s Texas Invitational championship game on Saturday”


Mavs earn berth to Division II Gold title game Saturday dlvr.it/Sd1r1l https://t.co/cvS9NiVcZx
Pasadena Citizen

SOHO, Memorial and Deer Park went to Division II Gold Bracket action at McDonald’s Texas Invitational Avery’s articles 📰

“The South Houston, Pasadena Memorial and Deer Park boys basketball teams earned berths to Friday and Saturday’s McDonald’s Texas Invitational Division II Gold Bracket after each enjoyed 2-0 ledgers during Thursday’s 80-game pool play competition at 10 sites.”


Pasadena Citizen

The Texas Invitational begins on Thursday with a staggering 80 games. Avery’s articles 📰

“The McDonald’s Texas Invitational has been around for almost two decades and it’s still crazy to think that in one day 80 high school basketball games will be played within easy driving distance of Phillips Field House, the tournament’s hub.”


Pasadena Citizen

First Baptist Christian Academy started the playoffs by making Pflugerville cry a lot. 62-0 Avery’s articles 🏈

“Anyone who was on the campus of Pasadena-First Baptist Christian Academy Friday night knows what an accomplishment it was to get their state playoff football game in.”


FBCA starts playoffs by blanking Pflugerville school 62-0 dlvr.it/Sclm0q https://t.co/fwAaT4Rd91
Pasadena Citizen

The city is currently in the midst of youth basketball registration. Avery’s articles ⛹️

“Hiding behind football playoffs and the excitement of the Houston Astros winning the world championship, the athletics departments at Pasadena and Deer Park are reminding residents that they are currently conducting youth basketball registration for children ages 7-12.”


Pasadena Citizen

Pasadena Taste of the Town inspires heated rivalry for everything from Asian cuisine to pizza. Avery’s articles 🍕

“Restaurants and high school culinary teams came ready with scrumptious secret weapons as they vied to win favor with hungry visitors and judges at Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’s 33rd annual Taste of the Town on Nov. 4.”


Pasadena Citizen

Summer Creek eliminates Pasadena from the volleyball playoffs. Avery’s articles 📰

“Upstart Pasadena and its improved volleyball program keeps probing for way to make a statement win against a quality opponent. They tickled the imagination this season with one-set wins against Dobie and three total against Pasadena Memorial.”


Pasadena Citizen

Deer Park’s Jaxon Payton, 10, born without hands, still plays youth football. Avery’s articles 🏈

“When Deer Park Junior Seminole football coaches teach the fundamentals of catching a football to young receivers, Jaxon Payton, 10, pays no attention to the instructions. ”


Pasadena Citizen

Recent data shows that Pasadena, Deer Park, and La Porte have high sales tax revenues. DeLapp’s  articles 📰

“Pasadena led the way with $3.51 million showing in the sales tax revenue in August. That figure was 12.4 percent above the $3.12 million the city took in during the same month in 2021. That year-on-year increase of greater than 10 percent was the first time Pasadena had logged a double-digit monthly climb since February.”


Pasadena Citizen

South Houston football goose egged Dobie for first time in 53 years winning 28-0 Friday Oct 28th. Avery’s articles 📰

“South Houston shocked the Pasadena ISD football neighborhood Friday night by handing Dobie its first PISD loss in five years as the Trojans snapped the Longhorns’ school record 20-game winning streak with a convincing 28-0 win at Veterans Memorial Stadium.”


Pasadena Citizen

Deer Park wins by a score of 70-7 to secure a new state playoff spot. Avery’s articles 📰

“Combine the fact that a Sam Rayburn High School football team hasn’t won its game the week before the Pasadena contest in 20 years and an angry Deer Park team that likely lost its chance at the district title last week and what do you get?”


Pasadena Citizen

Six junior high schools from the local area will compete in a one-act drama at the Deer Park campus. Maines article🎭

“The solo round of University Interscholastic League competition is designed to give younger thespians a taste of what it’s like to participate in high school UIL one-act contests”


Deer Park campus to host six area junior high schools for one-act play competition dlvr.it/SbqHC7 https://t.co/exwyaWPkV1
Pasadena Citizen

PISD’s intermediate cross country crew is gonna have a bang up year. Avery’s articles 🏃‍♀️

“A near perfect score by Thompson Intermediate’s eighth grade boys team and a sweep by the Bondy girls highlighted the opening day to Pasadena ISD’s intermediate school cross country season on the Dobie High School grounds Wednesday.”


Lady Eagles volleyball are  rocking to state playoffs for the second time in a row. Avery’s articles 📰

For the second consecutive season, Pasadena High School’s varsity volleyball team won’t be shutting things down now that the District 22-6A campaign is finished.


Lady Eagles hit state playoffs with 3-0 sweep of Rayburn dlvr.it/SbljkS https://t.co/JRLkloHYKt
Pasadena Citizen

Pasadena Principal Amy provided pumpkins that a church ran out of for their patch. Avery’s articles 🎃

“In the open field across from Hope Community United Methodist Church, 2838 Lily in Pasadena, the church’s annual pumpkin patch brought some color to the field again this year, but something was amiss.”


Pasadena Citizen

For PISD and DPISD runners, the cross-country season has ended in Huntsville. Avery’s articles🏃‍♀️

“Once again, the Region III cross country field was just too rich for the Deer Park and Pasadena ISD camps Monday morning.”


Cross country season ends in Huntsville for local runners dlvr.it/Sbflsw https://t.co/JIEBO1laOw
Pasadena Citizen

The Lady Mavs defeat Pasadena in a 3-2 dramatic triumph. Avery’s articles 🏐

“What has 18 lead changes and lasts well over two hours?” 

“Why the Pasadena Memorial versus Pasadena volleyball match, that’s what. And it gave fans a preview of the Class 6A state playoffs when the Lady Mavs prevailed 3-2 in the Mavs Gym Tuesday night, winning 25-22, 23-25, 25-22, 20-25, 15-7.”


Pasadena Citizen

Taste of the Town offers food from high school chefs as well as 30 Pasadena establishments. Avery’s articles 🍤

“You might consider eating light during the day on Nov. 3 if you plan to drop by later at the annual Taste of the Town at the Pasadena Convention Center.”


Pasadena Citizen

The acclaimed horror movie made by teenagers in Deer Park will screen at the New York festival. Maines articles 📰

“Six Deer Park student filmmakers hope the horror movie they made last year, “When Night Falls,” will win more honors when they attend the 2022 All American High School Film Festival Oct. 22-23 in New York City.”


Pasadena Citizen

Boys from Deer Park and girls from Dobie win cross-country titles. Avery’s articles 📰

“It wasn’t a surprise that the Deer Park boys and Dobie girls repeated as District 22-6A cross country champions, it was the folks who were pursuing them the closest that were the surprise.”


Pasadena Citizen

There will be more floats in the Pasadena Holiday Lighted Parade. Here’s how to join in. DeLapp’s articles 📰

“It is not too soon to start thinking about holidays, particularly if you are planning to have an entry in the Pasadena Holiday Lighted Parade, which is gaining steam again two years after being canceled because of the pandemic and one year after participation was capped at 75 entries.”


Pasadena Citizen

The Pasadena animal shelter issues a plea for people to adopt or foster animals because it is very full. Avery’s articles 📰

“The city of Pasadena’s animal shelter is at capacity and seeking people to adopt or foster pets or to volunteer.

“Our shelter is extremely full right now,” said Ginger Bishop, the city’s adoption event coordinator.”


Pasadena Citizen

This week’s Trojan Tune Up prepares athletes for district competition. Avery’s articles 📰

“Morning dew on the grass and a bunch of cross country runners stretched across a starting line. That describes this past weekend’s Trojan Tune Up but it will also likely describe this Thursday morning’s all-important District 22-6A meet in Deer Park.”


Pasadena Citizen

Murder on the Orient Express, presented by Pasadena Little Theatre, features a veteran cast. Maines article 📰

“A who’s who of Bay Area thespians comprise the cast of Ken Ludwig’s popular adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery “Murder on the Orient Express,” playing Oct. 14-23 at Pasadena Little Theatre.”


Pasadena Citizen

Daniel Chacon charged with capitol murder for killing Maira Gutierrez 🙏

BREAKING: Daniel Chacon, the prime suspect in Maira Gutierrez’s kidnapping and death, has been charged with capital murder, according to the Pasadena Police Department.