Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day May 30th

From famous cowboys to ranches.

On May 30, 1871, Adelaida Cuellar was born in Nuevo León, Mexico. Cuellar went on to become the founder of the El Chico restaurant chain, which is now a popular Tex-Mex restaurant with locations in several states.

Another notable event that occurred on this day in history is the destruction of the Texas Spring Palace. The palace, located in Fort Worth, was destroyed by fire in 1890. It was constructed in honor of Texas’ centennial celebration, opening on May 29, 1889, showcasing the state’s resources and industries.

In 1898, General Nelson A. Miles ordered the First United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, also known as the “Rough Riders,” to Tampa, FL, to prepare for the upcoming invasion of Cuba. The Rough Riders were made up of volunteers from across the country, including many from Texas.

Finally, on May 30, 1961, an 18-pound chondrite meteorite fell in a backyard near Marshall, TX. While meteorite sightings are relatively rare, they often make headlines when they do occur.