Thanks to the quick thinking of these witnesses, PPD stopped yet another dangerous situation.

Several witnesses contacted Pasadena P.D. dispatch to report that they heard several gunshots and saw muzzle flashes coming from a white truck that was parked in the 6000 blk. of Fairmont Pkwy.
A witness recorded a video of the suspect, the suspect vehicle, and the license plate before the suspect drove away.
As Dispatch relayed this information to responding officers, the suspect vehicle was observed driving in the 5800 blk. of Fairmont Pkwy., and a traffic stop was initiated.
After a thorough investigation, a 9mm handgun and several shell casings were recovered, and the suspect was arrested for discharging a firearm.
We are grateful for the action that these witnesses took by keeping a safe distance from the suspect and contacting the Police Department.
With your help and trust in our ability to protect you and your families, we were able to locate the suspect and prevent harm to our community.

Pasadena Police Department

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