The Animal Shelter has temporarily suspended all intakes and surrendered until further notice.

‼️{Sun., 1/29/23 at 6:45PM} PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST ‼️

➡️1) We cannot thank our community enough for the outpouring of support you have shown us after the devastation of last week’s tornado. The Pasadena Animal Shelter will rebound, and continue to fully serve our community as soon as we can. In the meantime, we must face some challenges along the way. In addition to looking after the pets currently in our care, the Pasadena Animal Shelter team is working around the clock, finding homes for the animals that are being fostered by other local shelters and rescue groups.

➡️2) We are also still offering services such as pending booster vaccines, heartworm treatments, spay/neuter, and city registration. All appointments will be handled at the Pasadena Pet Adoption Center, next door to our shelter.

⛔️3) However, effective Monday, January 30, 2023, The Pasadena Animal Shelter and Adoption Center will temporarily suspend all intakes and surrenders until further notice, due to the lack of space and extenuating circumstances caused by the January 24th tornado damage. Please keep an eye on our social media for updates. We appreciate your understanding and support during this trying time. ❤️🐾

City of Pasadena, Texas – Government

Pasadena Animal Shelter


  1. Robin Renee Carter says:

    Pug and chihuahua by trailer park on pine at Randolph cold hungry who is doing rescues pickups

  2. Daz Jonez says:

    It’s cold, and some of that area is experiencing storms, power outages, and extremely low temps. Please do what you can to keep the building warm, if pets are inside. Unfortunately that gaping hole in the roof, will make it hard to keep it warm inside. Try to close off that part of the building it you can by DOORS OR A PLYWOOD BARRIER. not sure how the building is situated, but try to keep any remaining pets in the building in an enclosed area that can keep heat in. It will be extremely cold for at least the next few days, as an arctic polar vortex blast moves in, that is stretching from Canada to Texas.

  3. Daz Jonez says:

    Can you please post a list, with links of all the shelters, rescues, and and organizations that have your pets, so we can share that?

    Also people are wondering if there are any cats that need to be fostered.

    There are still so many who want to foster, but now don’t know where all the pets went.

  4. Jamie Bowman says:

    Can we still come by to adopt

  5. Libby Wilson says:

    Can we still drop off pet food?

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