Video: Celebrate responsibly this July 4th by attending the City’s safe, family-friendly 4th Fest, and avoid the risk of fines and ending up in jail.

As July 4th approaches, we hope you consider your family’s and neighbor’s safety.
There are responsible and safe ways to celebrate holidays, but discharging a firearm and igniting fireworks in your backyard is not suggested.
You can attend a legal, family-friendly event at our Annual 4th Fest.
Attending The City of Pasadena’s 4th Fest can save you money because you don’t have to purchase hundreds of dollars of fireworks, and later pay fines when Officers observe you igniting them.
Not to mention spending the night in our municipal jail, or a nearby hospital from injuries you could receive from the fireworks.
Think twice. Make the right decision.

Pasadena Police Department

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