Video: PPD let’s keep the Fourth of July celebrations safe and fun by saying no to celebratory gunfire and illegal fireworks.

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, The Pasadena Police Department wants to ensure everyone enjoys the festivities safely and responsibly.

We’d like to remind our community about the dangers of celebratory gunfire and illegal fireworks. While it may seem like harmless fun, these activities can have serious consequences, putting the lives of our loved ones and neighbors at risk. Stray bullets and fireworks-related accidents can cause injuries, property damage, and even fatalities.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will share several incidents involving individuals who chose to recklessly discharge a firearm and the outcome of their actions.

If you witness anyone discharging a firearm or igniting fireworks, please report it to us immediately.

We also ask that you leave a comment if you have witnessed this illegal activity in your neighborhood in the past so that we can pass this information along to our patrol supervisors and assign additional manpower to specific areas with higher reports of this activity.

Pasadena Police Department

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