Video: PPD Officers swiftly apprehended a 🤡 in a crazy robbery where he used his vehicle as a weapon.

On May 29, 2024, Officers were dispatched to a business about a possible aggravated robbery where the suspect allegedly struck the victim with his vehicle as he fled the scene.

Officer T. Neilon arrived and requested an ambulance for the victim. The victim/owner of the business advised that he confronted the suspect when he was seen behind the counter concealing merchandise under his shirt. When the owner and a witness confronted the suspect, the suspect ran away with the merchandise.

The owner followed after the suspect and saw him enter into a blue sedan. Moments later, the suspect accelerated and struck the victim, knocking him to the ground. The victim gave officers a description of the suspect and their vehicle which Officer Neilon and other assisting officers identified using police databases.

Based on the information responding officers had gathered, members of the Digital Intelligence Unit were able to identify and locate a photo of the suspect.

The victim positively identified the suspect from the photo, and he was located within hours and charged with Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon.

The teamwork and effective communication between Dispatch, Patrol, and our Digital Intelligence Unit demonstrate the Pasadena Police Department’s dedication to safely apprehending suspects to ensure a safer community for our citizens.

Pasadena Police Department

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