Video: PPD officers take on the challenge tracking down 🤡’s firing off a gun the community.

Here is another case in our series featuring incidents involving the discharge of firearms and the excellent police work done by our officers:

A Pasadena Police Department officer was informed of a firearm discharge in the vicinity of W. Harris and Shaver St. that had occurred earlier in the day; he was also aware of previous discharge of firearm calls from the area and learned of two male subjects walking in the area, believed to be carrying a firearm.

The officer, knowing all this information, took a proactive approach and staged near the area where the discharges of firearms had been reported to the police. The officer called for additional units to assist. As they waited, they eventually observed several subjects matching the description walking towards a wooded area. Shortly after, several officers heard two gunshots sound come from the direction of the wooded area. The officers then observed one of the subjects running from the wooded area onto the streets.

Officers detained all suspects and one of the subjects admitted to shooting the firearm, and to having purchased the gun illegally.
After a thorough investigation, officers found a 9mm handgun with an extended magazine and two AK-style pistols.

The suspect was arrested for Discharge of a Firearm and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.

The Pasadena Police Department views the discharge of firearms as a severe threat and takes immediate action against reckless behavior. Officers often take the initiative and use information from previous calls to formulate a strategy to locate those who threaten our community.

This is just another example of the outstanding job our patrol officers do on a regular basis to ensure the safety of those we serve.

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