Video: PPD responding to gunshots reported near a homeowner’s residence.

Night Shift Officers responded to a house where the homeowner advised she had heard several gunshots near her home. During their investigation, Officers heard 12 gunshots near where they were standing and immediately proceeded to the area where they believed the shots came from.
Officers saw two males standing in the road and detained them. Several people were interviewed as part of the investigation which resulted in the discovery of a stolen firearm and 16 shell casings.
The Harris County District Attorney’s Office was contacted, and a person was arrested for Discharge of a Firearm.
The Pasadena Police Department takes discharge of firearm incidents very seriously. In such situations, officers consistently go above and beyond to locate evidence and apprehend the suspect responsible for this reckless behavior.
Officers’ determination led to the arrest of a suspect and ensured the safety of the reportee and her family. Their actions are an example of the department’s dedication to maintaining our community’s safety and improving our residents’ quality of life.

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