Yago has no clue how to lay on a dog bed but gets an A+ on all dog silly things. Loves hugs, literally 🤪

Yago may still need a little help figuring out the best way to lay on a dog bed 😆, but when it comes to just about everything else, he gets top marks.

He knows several commands and seems to understand and respond to every word you say.

This gentle giant loves hugs and treats and will happily fetch every toy or ball that you throw for him, but is equally happy just laying down near you.

And belly rubs might just be his most favorite thing of all.

He has done well meeting other dogs and tends to capture the hearts of everyone who meets him.

Somehow, this sweet boy has had nothing but bad luck. We are hoping to change that.

If you can help us do that, please come by and ask to meet five-year-old Yago (A154780).

Pasadena Adoption Center
5160 Burke Rd.
Pasadena, TX 77504
(713) 920-7942
[email protected]

Pasadena Animal Shelter


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