Zeus and Sasha grew up together in a great home. Then their parent died. If you’re looking for a duo set of cool cats the Animal Shelter has your pair 😻

Tragically, their owner passed away and they ended up here. They were so scared that they ended up in a special room here, one that’s set aside and quieter, designed to be calmer and more comforting.

At first, they were so scared, they didn’t even eat. Sasha would only let us touch her if we touched Zeus first and she saw that it was safe.

They’ve come a long way, and they trust us now, but they still aren’t thriving like we want.

A home is what they know, and a home is what they need.

They are the sweetest, most loving cats. On any given day, you are almost guaranteed to find a volunteer or staff member cuddling them because they have our hearts.

We know they’ll have yours too. Come by and meet them and see for yourself. Ask for two-year-old Zeus (A162413) and Sasha (A162412).

Pasadena Adoption Center
5160 Burke Rd.
Pasadena, TX 77504
(713) 920-7942
[email protected]

Pasadena Animal Shelter


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