Hello Pasdenian!

In short, what the Pasadenian does is go to Pasadena sources outside of big tech algorithms and get any late info from the Pasadena source’s post. Not Houston, not Galveston, not Washington… Pasadena*.

The Pasdenian was built to put everything going on in Pasadena in one spot. Built to feed Pasadena info and not depend on social media to put it in front of us because they don’t unless you get lucky or money was paid. At one time Facebook and other social media was great to get info from your favorite source (Facebook page) or topic but now that source typically has to pay in order for their posts to reach all their “fans”. I probably paid to get you here. Facebook is now promoting groups for you to join your favorite topics. Free now, groups will have to start paying for exposure soon. It’s a plan.

A young site we are building and tweaking likely forever to keep us informed. Currently we scan approximately 60 Pasadena sources. Some are scanned every 15 minutes and some once a day. Left to right on desktop or first on mobile is our latest post from sources that mostly come from their social accounts.

In the future as overhead grows the Pasadenian will post non evasive local ADs. Limited above the fold local AD then a whole other page you have to want to go to for local classifieds.

If you have questions contact us and we’ll answer.

Have a good one! – Shawn

*Some from our buds in Deer Park, La Porte, and Clear Lake.