PPD has an image of the 🤡 who tore up the Fairgrounds.

As referenced in a previous Pasadena Police Department social media post, from approximately 11:15 pm on 05/15/2024 to 12:15 am on 05/16/2024, an unknown person or persons used a large tracked excavator to pull a stuck sky jack forklift out of the mud.
The person or persons who did this did so without the consent of the owner of the tracked excavator and damaged the Pasadena Fairgrounds property in the process.
Detective Satterwhite has located an image of one person of interest that he would like to contact regarding this incident, and at the time of this posting, he does not know the identity of this person.
If you know who this person is, please contact Detective Satterwhite or have them contact Detective Satterwhite at 713-475-7892.

Pasadena Police Department

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