Crown Hill Cemetery Association is having their monthly meeting Wednesday Mar 15th 6pm. Join them.

Meeting reminder! Wednesday March 15th, 6pm at Pasadena Heritage Park & Museum. This is our last meeting before our Voices of the Past event on April 1. Please come and share with us any ideas you may have or how you wish to participate. Or just come and introduce yourself!

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Verne Cox crew’s Friday dance night, St. Patty themed, brought out the Leprechauns.

Our 💚&💛 dance was something special last night! 🌈 Spirit was on point!
⭐️ Smiles were seen!
☘️ A Leprechaun was spotted! Thank you to all that came out to dance the night away. 🎶🕺Until next time! 👋 PS- next time is just around the corner 🤩 on Friday, April 14 🗓️ Let’s RAVE!👩🏽‍🎤 🪩 🧑🏻‍🎤

Verne Cox Recreation Center

The Verne Cox crew bellied up for some BBQ then headed to HLSR.

Rodeo 2023! 🤠🐴 Our group enjoyed a catered BBQ dinner at VC, then headed to the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo! We danced and sang to the New Kids on the Block performance and had such a wonderful time! 🌟 YEEHAW! 🐮🕺💃

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Monday Verne Cox Coffeehouse Crew slid into Bitty and Beau’s in Houston for some coffee fun.

On Monday we took our Coffeehouse Crew to Bitty and Beau’s Houston! ☕️💗 We interacted with the staff, had coffee, smoothies, and cocoa and played conversation games! The staff is so friendly and very loving, thank you Bitty and Beau’s for having our group! We had a blast! 😍🥰🌟

Verne Cox Recreation Center

The Verne Cox crew went day tripping to Houston Interactive Zoo and Aquarium last week.

Last week, our friends took a trip to the Houston Interactive Zoo and Aquarium! 🐟🐒🦒🐍🦆 We had so much fun petting, feeding, and meeting the animals! Afterward, we took a trip to POST Market for dessert and rooftop photos! 🏙🍦

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Verne Cox lit up the runway for their 2023 Fashion Show.

Special thank you to our📸 City Photographer, Stanley White, 📸for capturing such beautiful photos of our 2023 Fashion Show! 🤩 Our runway themes this year were Recycled Items and Formal Wear! Our participants lit up the night with their looks and walks! ❤️✨🔥

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Verne Cox linked up with Maxwell Adult Center in Deer Park for a friendly game of Baggo Baseball.

Fun Friday at Maxwell Adult Center in Deer Park! 🥰 We joined the Maxwell crew for Baggo Baseball, and they joined the VC crew for Reverse Coloring! ⚾️🎨 A special THANK YOU to the folks at Maxwell Adult Center! We appreciate you! ❤️

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Crown Hill Cemetery’s ‘Voices of the Past’ is April 1st. No kidding.

Dont forget the date for this year “Voices of the Past”

April 1 at the Crown Hill Cemetery, 813 N. Richey in Pasadena.
Come anytime between 10:00am and 2:00 pm and listen to stories of the people buried at the cemetery. Learn who they are and what they did to make Pasadena what it is today.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Video: Verne Cox Partiers Finding Their Groove at The Adaptive Dance Program

Verne Cox Recreation Center

The Verne Cox Adaptive Dance Program is held at the Pasadena Community Center. The program is designed to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to express themselves through dance, and to interact with others in a fun and encouraging environment. The program is open to all ages, and is designed to accommodate different abilities.

The Verne Cox Adaptive Dance Program is led by certified instructors who are experienced in working with individuals with disabilities. The instructors provide a safe and supportive atmosphere, and are dedicated to helping each individual reach their goals.

The Verne Cox Adaptive Dance Program is a great way for individuals with disabilities to stay active and have fun. It encourages social interaction, self-expression, and creativity, while also providing a safe and supportive environment. The program is a great way for individuals to connect with others, build self-confidence, and discover their own abilities.

And now a story from Crown Hill Cemetery.

Story time.
Our Association President is always on duty, even while working out of town. He texted me today an obituary and asked if I thought the woman was a descendant of one of Crown Hill’s family.
Off to Ancestry dot com I go . . .
Before I start, rest in peace Vaudine.
I will post her obituary, a truly lovely woman and a newly discovered branch in the wide-reaching family tree branches of Crown Hill.
Vaudine’s last name of “Zlomke” is of course very familiar. But this is her married name. I needed to find her maiden name in order to research who her husband was.
Vaudine Louise Smith was the daughter of Vernon Louis Smith. Don’t you love it when daughters are named after their daddies? (my mom’s name was Frankie!)
In 1950, Vaudine married Johnny Zlomke. Johnny was a twin, his brother was Frederick E Zlomke. They were two of many Grandchildren in the Wilhelm Frederick Zlomke family.
Wilhelm and his wife Beulah Mae Shook are buried in Crown Hill, but only a few of their children are. Johnny and his wife Vaudine are not.
Vaudine passed away January the 4th at the age of 92 yrs old.
We love finding descendants of Crown Hill. Please always share with us if you come across these jewels in the crown of Crown Hill.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Video: Wreaths Across America at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

You’re invited to join Crown Hill Cemetery Association help lay Wreaths Across America Saturday Dec 17th 11am

Its that time of year, and an event we always look forward to.

It is short, sweet, very moving . . . and since it is 11am it leaves the rest of the day to attend other events.
Please join us as we (and you!) lay a wreath on a Veteran’s grave for Christmas.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery showing up with a basket of food for the Food Drive earlier today 🌳

Crown Hill Board members and volunteers met to donate to the Pasadena Food Drive today.

Pictured Shawn McNair/Volunteer , Michelle Partin/Historian, Ninfa Herrera/Volunteer, Pam Murphey/Secretary, Rachel Rodriguez/Public Relations, Ginny Wagner/First Lady, Lorrie Jowell/Food Drive Coordinator

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Verne Cox is had a small party for the World Series Champs today at 12pm 🧡

🧡💙🧡💙 Whoohoo!! World Series Champs! Today at 12:00pm, we will be having a small celebration in the gym to watch the Astros Parade. ⚾️ 🏆 Stop in to sign our VC 2022 World Series ball, and grab a cupcake. Way to go Houston! 💙🧡💙🧡

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Last weekend the Verne Cox Center partied at Parks and Recreation’s annual Monster Mash 🔮

🎃 This past weekend, friends of the Verne Cox Center participated in the City of Pasadena, TX Parks & Recreation annual Monster Mash Halloween event! 🔮🧛🏽‍♂️

⏰ An “Early Entry” opportunity helped these friends & their families enjoy the all the games and receive prizes, without the long wait times, crowds of people, or loud noises. 🎧🙉

📢 Shout out to all the Pasadena Parks & Recreation staff for putting together an amazing event. 👏 🎯

Verne Cox Recreation Center

In April, four friends at Verne Cox participated in an Autism Awareness Panel Discussion. Sergeant McGee found the video helpful and honored the friends plus using the info in training for other leaders within the Army 👊

In April, four of our friends participated in an Autism Awareness Panel Discussion that was recorded! Last week, those four participants received Certificates of Appreciation, as well as badges and pins from Seargent McGee of the United States Army! As an Equal Opportunity Leader, Seargent McGee found the Autism Awareness Panel Discussion Video helpful in trainings for other leaders within the Army. A special thank you to our four participants for their knowledge, and willingness to help spread Autism Awareness within their community! ❤️

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Crown Hill Cemetery’s fundraiser bake sale is tomorrow Oct 22nd 8am 🧁

Who likes lemon?
Lemon glaze? Lemon icing? Lemon cake?
YES! This has all three!
We will these starting at 8am Saturday in the Home Depot parking lot, in the back near Burger King.
These lemon mini bundts are hefty, dense and filling.
They are for a $4 donation and will go towards our landscaping fund.
Don’t worry, we have hand pies, cinnamon rolls, cookies and MORE!
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Last night members of the  Crown Hill Cemetery Association loaded up food for the Pasadena Food Drive 🥫

Tonight the members of the Crown Hill Cemetery Association came together to collect non perishable food items to contribute towards the 2022 Pasadena Food drive.

Thank you everyone for your generosity.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Pasadena’s Historic Crown Hill Cemetery celebrates the following interred’s birthdays this week 🪦

CHC would like to celebrate the following interred’s birthdays this week:
Baby Cecilia Zamudio, born Oct 16, 1957, passing Dec 29, 1957. Happy Birthday baby girl🥳
Mary Hodgson Pennington, born Oct 17, 1853, passing May 15, 1939 at the age of 86 years! 🥳
Gladys Reber Parks, born Oct 17, 1914, passing Feb 3, 2000 at the age of 85! 🥳
Beula Mae Zolmke, born Oct 18, 1890, passing April 29, 1967 at the age of 76! 🥳
Baby Darrell Eugene Sutton, born Oct 18, 1940, passing same day. Happy Birthday baby boy 🥳
Henry Clay Newman, born Oct 20, 1850, passing Sept 13,1914 at the age of 63 years young 🥳
Clinton Paul Crawford, born Oct 21, 1959, passing March 1, 2010, passing at 50 years young 🥳
Juan M. Adame, born Oct 22, 1920, passing March 28, 1954 at the age of 33 years young 🥳

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery is having a bake sale in Home Depot’s parking lot on Fairmont Oct 22nd 8am

Our monthly meeting of the Crown Hill Cemetery Association will be at the Pasadena Historical Museum located on the corner of Hwy 225 and Main St in Pasadena this Wednesday October 19th starting at 6:00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend!

We have a bake sale to finalize!

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Pasadena’s original cemetery Crown Hill is having a bake sale at Home Depot Saturday Oct 22nd 8am – until sold out 🧁

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery Bake Sale

Fundraiser Benefiting Our Landscaping Fund

Saturday Oct 22nd 8am – until sold out 

5455 Fairmont Pkwy

Featuring a curated menu of pastries, cookies and brownies that can be purchased as 1 piece, sets of 2, 4 or sampler packs.


Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

The Ford Family of Crown Hill Cemetery

The Ford Family of Crown Hill Cemetery
There are 3 very beautiful “cradle graves” under a shade tree in Section “A” of Crown Hill Cemetery.
Ella Bertha Madole-Ford, her husband Horace and their 1 yr old daughter Winnie Lee rest here.
Ella grew up in Madison County Texas. Her family was large and very well known. She had a great many Uncles and cousins.
Ella married Horace Edward Ford in Houston Texas., he was known as a farmer, but later in life was known as a riveter as well. Horace had a cousin named Benjamin Hiram Ford, he married Ella’s sister Mary Elizabeth Madole-Ford.
Together Horace and Ella had 4 children. Sadly, they lost an infant, and later their 1 yr old daughter Winnie Lee died as well. Their son Marion Edwin Ford, lived to be 48 yrs old until he passed from a heart attack. The Ford’s daughter Pearl went on to live to be 100 yrs old.
Ella Bertha passed away young, 34 yrs old. It is not known how she died as a death certificate or obituary cannot be located.
Her husband a few years later went on to remarry a woman named Tommie, who was known to take good care of her new young stepchildren Marion and Pearl.
Horace passed away from tuberculosis when he was 52 years old.
Please see the attached photo, I have also included a cleaned version. Bertha had approximately 8 siblings. This photo included 6 of them as notated by the gold star. This family portrait centers around Franklin Ross Madole and Nancy Madole’s family. They are the older couple center of the photo.
Are you a descendant of the Ford/Madole family? Please help us fill in the gaps of their beautiful story.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Just two more Open Swim opportunities for Verne Cox registered participants that have 2022 paperwork on file 🤽‍♀️

🤽‍♀️ 🏊‍♀️ 🤽🏾‍♂️ There will be 2 more Open Swim opportunities for Verne Cox registered participants that have 2022 paperwork on file! Check your program calendars for dates & times. 🗓 📌 We’ve had a blast hanging out in our beautifully renovated pool this year! 🌞🛟

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Verne Cox’s Recreation Center’s Wheelchair Basketball Tournament 2022 Shootout images 📷

A special thank you to our City Photographer, Stanley White, for these amazing photos from our 2022 3 on 3 Shootout Wheelchair Basketball Tournament!

2022 Shootout – Wheelchair Basketball Tournament – TX

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Crown Hill Cemetery needs eight people to donate $50 each to keep the yard mowed through 2022

Cemetery is mowed.
Taking donations to pay for the next mowing.
If 8 people would kindly donate $50 each it might tide us over for the year.
Thank God the rain held off, it will start any second!

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Join Pasadenas founder’s cemetery volunteer crew at the next Crown Hill Cemetery meeting Wednesday Sept 21st 6pm

Starting next month, September, our monthly meeting of the Crown Hill Cemetery Association will once again at the Pasadena Historical Museum located on the corner of Hwy 225 and Main St in Pasadena.

Our meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend!

204 Main St

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery rebuilding destroyed documents from images flashed in videos ⚡

I was cruising YouTube tonight and came across a video about the cemetery. A newspaper flashed on the screen. I was quick on my feet, did a screenshot, zoomed in and saw it was “The News Citizen”.
Off to Newspapers dot com I go . . . . and no such luck.
So I did some hard squinting, a little guessing, and I recreated the article. It’s a story that’s been told a few times.
The members and volunteers and supporters of Crown Hill work very hard to make sure this story NEVER has to be written again.
Please join us! You can’t ask for a nicer group of people to work alongside preserving this jewel in Pasadena.
Please help us make sure another article like this is NEVER written or printed again.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery’s tenants belated birthdays last week 🥳

Crown Hill Cemetery would like to recognize and celebrate the birthdays of the following buried friends of ours:

Baby boy James Alfred Dickerson, born August 7, 1924, passing on August 10, 1924, at the young age of 3 days old. Happy birthday baby boy 🥳

Mr. Charles Edward Syfan, Sr. born on August 10, 1878, passing on Oct. 22, 1944 at the age of 66 years old. Happy birthday Mr. Syfan 🥳

Baby boy John C. Montoya Jr, born August 12, 1947, passing on December 7, 1947 at just almost 4 months old. Happy birthday baby boy John 🥳

Maria De Jesus Lozano, born August 13, 1901, passing on February 11, 1946 at the age of 44 years old. Happy birthday Maria 🥳

Ramon Guereca, also born on August 13, 1915, passing on July 26, 1941, a young man at the age of 25 years old. Happy birthday Ramon 🥳

join us in wishing our friends a Happy Birthday!

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery scored huge equipment donations from generous local businesses 👊

We want to share with the group the donations we’ve received the last few days.

Jose Robles w/ Best Liquidations donated new Ryobi hedge trimmer, weed eater, & blower.

Jason Millburn w/ One Stop Solutions donated used hedge trimmer, blowers, weed eaters, & a chain saw.

Thank you to our historian Michelle Partin for coordinating this!

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery recognizing two of their interred’s birthdays this week 🎂

Crown Hill Cemetery would like to recognize two of our interred’s birthdays this week-
Happy birthday Mr. Calvin Elson Parks was born July 31, 1843 and passed January 8,1920 at the age of 76 years old 🥳

Happy birthday Ms. Pedro (Pete) Martinez, born on August 3, 1922, passing on April 9, 1959 at the age of 36 years old 🥳

Happy Birthday to you both this week🦋

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

The Wheelchair Softball World Series got under way today, and our Hotwheels are there to represent 🥎

Today starts the Wheelchair Softball World Series! When we say let’s go, you say Hotwheels! 🥎 LET’S GO……
Follow the updates from the tournament website at:

Our Adaptive Recreation Division’s Wheelchair Softball Team, with a sponsorship from TIRR Memorial Hermann, is heading to Chicago to compete in the Wheelchair Softball World Series tournament! Gooooooooo Team!!🥎

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Crown Hill Cemetery needs your assistance identifying a mystery grave that has gone unidentified 🪦

Dear researchers and bloodhounds. We have a new mystery. In the photo you will see the four family members that are included in our list of known burials. They all 4 have headstones and are buried pretty much in this same arrangement, as on the family tree. We believe there is a 5th grave within this family plot with no headstone and no mention on the list of known burials.

If this is a 5th burial (I have not been back yet to probe, but the ground indications are that there is a burial there) then possibly it was a family death in the 2000’s. Meaning it happened after someone was maintaining a list/ledger and it didn’t get marked down. There is no headstone, so either the family was not able to have one, maybe there was no family to make arrangements or possibly it had one and it is lost.

Ancestry dot com and Newspapers dot com has not provided any details, so possibly our supporters might know a descendant and can ask if they know of a family member buried out there that is not reflected on this family tree.

All help is greatly appreciated!

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery taking a break from the dead and killing crab grass to donate to the Fill the Bus campaign.

Today is #fillthebus for the city of Pasadena. Crown Hill Cemetery is proud to donate towards the cause and help Pasadena ISD teachers provide for their students who may not always have what they need in the classroom. Thanks for heading this much needed project up annually Tish Gale Eubanks♥️

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery celebrating Pasadena’s earliest founders birthdays this week of July 24th 🪦

Crown Hill Cemetery would like to celebrate the following birthdays this week, the week of July 24, 2022:

Rose Alice Smith, born July 24, 1906, passing March 27, 1985- at the age of 78 yrs old. Happy Birthday Rose Alice 🥳

Sylvia Coomer Stockton, born July 25, 1910, passing June 25, 1932- at the age of 31 yrs. Happy Birthday Sylvia 🥳

Forrest Ray Collins, also born July 25, 1928, passing on Jan 20, 1980- at the age 0f 51 yrs. Happy Birthday Mr. Collins 🥳

Robert Ace Kingsbury, born July 26, 1882, passing Jan 25, 1915- at the age of 32 yrs old. Happy Birthday Robert 🥳

Lloyd Bryant Starkey, also born July 26, 1906, passing on Sept 25, 1971- at the age of 65 yrs old. Happy Birthday Mr. Starkey 🥳

Gladys Maxine Lamb Crawford, born July 30, 1927, passing Jan 1, 2007- at the age of 79 yrs old. Happy Birthday Ms. Crawford 🥳

William Mack Lamb, also born on July 30, 1897, passing on Sept 28, 1970- at the age of 73 yrs old. Happy Birthday Mr. William 🥳

Please help keep the grass mowed Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Verne Cox’s summer fun at the 2nd Camp Strive session with a Magic Show, Discovery Green, Arcade Games and it’s just hump day 🎳

We’ve started the week strong in our 2nd Camp Strive session 👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾 Monday brought us an amazing Magic Show 🎟🤹🏼and Tuesday was spent touring Discovery Green 🌇🗺 & playing hundreds of Arcade Games 🎳🎮🎸🏎

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Big volunteer mow day from Dreier Lawn Care for the Historic Crown Hill Cemetery tomorrow. If you can help the door’s open 🪦

Tomorrow (Saturday July 16) the Crown Hill Cemetery will be mowed by members of the association and Dreier Lawn Care. We are immensely grateful that Timothy and Lindsey have offered to do a cut for us. If you see them on FB, please send a thank you. And if you need lawn care or landscaping, they are the ones to call. Our website has a donation button if you can help us out in our upcoming lawn care fund.
Pray we get it done before the rain starts!

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Verne Cox Center’s July Dance looked like a blast 🇺🇸

Thank you to all those that attended our July Monthly Dance. Look at all that Red, White, & Blue out on the dance floor! ❤️🤍💙 Next Dance: Friday, August 12th, 6:30-8:00pm.
Dance Theme: Disney! 🧞‍♂️🧜‍♀️💃🏰🤖

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Verne Cox 2022 Camp Achieve participants had a blast this week and covered a lot of ground. 🚀

2022 Camp Achieve! This week has been a blast! We have explored different animals, the ocean, and nature! Our AM group visited The Play Space Houston, and our PM group got to jump around at Jumping World! 🤩🥳

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Its a beautiful 85⁰ at Crown Hill. Lets knock out some mowing before its 1000⁰ heh heh. Got some time to help? ⛼

They sure could use it.

Good morning! Its a beautiful 85⁰ at Crown Hill. Lets knock out some mowing before its 1000⁰ heh heh.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Summer Camps at Verne Cox have been rolling out the big guns for the best times ever. 🌞🌊🍦

We kicked off Summer Camps again this week and couldn’t be more excited about it!

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing in Camp Climb: swimming, making dog and cat food bags, visiting the Pasadena Animal Adoption Center, playing games, doing science experiments, making crafts, meeting High School basketball players, exploring BIG vehicles during our first ever Touch A Truck event, and having a blast at Urban Air! Wow 😁 No wonder we are all tired by the end of every camp day!

Verne Cox Recreation Center

Crown Hill Cemetery celebrates the founders of Pasadenas birthdays of the following interred this week.

Crown Hill Cemetery would like to celebrate the birthdays of the following interred this week!

Letha Jane Penn Holbrook, born on June 20, 1875, passing on May 7, 1945 at the age of 70 years old. Happy Birthday Ms. Letha 🥳

Happy Birthday to Mr. Francisco Santana, also born on June 20, 1883, passing on May 25, 1956 at the age of 73 years old 🤩

Mr. Douglas Leon Smith was born on June 21, 1935. He passed on April 27, 1973 at the age of 38 years old. Happy Birthday Mr. Smith 🥳

Luis Najeria was born June 21, 1880 and passed December 24, 1931 at the age of 51 years old. Happy Birthday Luis 🤩

John Adams Zlomke was born on June 24, 1888, and passed on July 1, 1918 at the age of 30 years old. Happy Birthday John 🥳

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

It’s Picnic Day. A beautiful place to chill and picnic is at the Historic Crown Hill Cemetery. 🦋

One of the beautiful handmade crosses with name plate.

Mr. Camacho passed when he was 70 years old in 1958. We don’t have records to know if his family placed a headstone or not.
Have a great weekend!

813 North Richey

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery photo from Pasadena’s cemetery full of forefathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and Mr’s. Become a member, it keeps the grass cut.

This just scratches the surface of the beautiful things you will see on a visit to Crown Hill. Please take a pic nic lunch out there, go for a run with your dogs. Its a very peaceful place to be enjoyed by all.

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

The Crown Hill Cemetery’s monthly meeting is tomorrow Wednesday June 15th 6pm. Volunteer help is greatly needed. Come by and say hi.

Reminder, this Wednesday June 15 is our monthly meeting.

We need help! If you can come and brainstorm for a big project we wish to undertake, please join!
We meet at the Madison Jobe Senior Center at 6pm.
Hope to see you all there!

1700 Thomas Ave, Pasadena, TX 77506

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery celebrates this weeks birthdays of the lives of Pasadena’s forefathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

Crown Hill Cemetery would like to celebrate the birthdays this week of the following buried at CHC:

Davola Eileen Williams, born on June 13th, 1913, passing on Nov. 2, 1933 at the age of 20 years old. Happy birthday Davola 🥳

Happy birthday to Dona Murphy Kingsbury, born June 13, 1885, passing on September 6, 1909, at the age of 24 years 🥳

Carmen Tamayo Riveria, born on June 16, 1925, passing on January 25, 1943 at the age of 25 years old. Happy birthday 🥳

Winfred Roth, born June 17, 1922, passing on February 19, 1924 at just 2 years old. Happy birthday sweet baby 🥳

Manuela Jasso, born on June 17, 1901, passing on March 13, 1935 at the age of 34 years old. Happy Birthday 🥳

Nannie Porter, born June 17, 1893, passing September 6, 1948 at the age of 55 years old. Happy Birthday Nannie🥳

Ernest Theodore Newell, born June 18, 1908, passing August 29, 1933 at the age of 25 years. Happy birthday young man 🥳

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery

Get some advice and learn how to beef up or start your Pasadena business.

Attention Pasadena Small Business Community 📢
PEDC is a proud partner of Pasadena’s local San Jacinto College SBDC. Learn more about the SBDC and the valuable resources the program provides to Pasadena businesses at the Small Business Resource Fair on on June 29.!

Tuesday June 7th is National VCR day for those who weren’t burned by Betamax. 📼

Tuesday June 7th is National VCR day. Does anyone still rock one of these? Who remembers the first time you worked one? First time at Blockbuster? Fist time you paid a late charge for a VHS tape you rented?

I know someone who once rewound, and rewound over and over until finally their frustration spilled out. “Look at it look at it, watch what happens!” So I waited as they hit play and an episode of “Law & Order” came on. And then mid sentence stopped, and began rewinding on its own.
Me: “Yes? And?”
Him: “See! It did it again!”
Me: “Yes. You ran out of tape.”
Him: “No no no no, it cant be. THE SHOW ISNT OVER YET!”

Breezy day for lunch at

Historic Crown Hill Cemetery