Video: Check out how the Pasadena Police Department’s Digital Intelligence Unit (DIU) is making a difference jailing 🤡s.

The Pasadena Police Department’s Digital Intelligence Unit (DIU) has been established as the department’s centralized intelligence hub. It utilizes unique, cutting-edge technology for real-time intelligence sharing and assists several divisions throughout the department.

On Monday, Pasadena P.D. dispatchers received a call for service regarding a Theft in progress at the Nike store located at 5726 Fairmont Pkwy. The reporting party advised that a subject was concealing numerous items of merchandise in bags and fleeing the scene after verbally threatening employees.

Members of the DIU (Officer B. Marshal, Officer H. Smith, P. Rocha, C. Ruff, and K9 Chief) utilized newly established technology and located the suspect leaving the store and entering a vehicle being driven by a second suspect.

The DIU directed Officer D. Brashier, Officer D. Hinojosa, and Officer M. Willison to the fleeing suspects’ location, and the suspects were located and arrested for Felony Theft. Officers recovered over $600.00 of stolen merchandise from within their vehicle and returned it to the business.

The coordination among dispatch, patrol, and the DIU demonstrates the collaborative approach the Pasadena Police Department employs daily to apprehend suspects and protect our citizens and businesses within the City of Pasadena, Texas – Government .

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