DPPD: Hurricane Beryl category 2 threat to Texas coast – Citizen advisory and evacuation Information.

Hurricane Beryl is expected to make landfall as a Category 2 storm on the Texas coast early Monday. Residents in the area are advised to prepare for storm surge flooding, damaging winds, heavy rain, and potential power outages. Evacuations may be necessary, and it is important to follow‼️⚠️Citizen Advisory – Hurricane Beryl: ⚠️‼️
Beryl is strengthening to a likely Category 2 at landfall on Texas coast early Monday.
There is still a danger of storm surge flooding, damaging winds, heavy rain, and flash flooding.
Even though Deer Park isn’t in the direct cone of the hurricane, we are encouraging you to prepare now. All of your storm preparations need to be completed before dark. Wide spread power outages are possible.

Follow the advice of local officials.

– Now is the time to complete all preparations to protect life and
property in accordance with your emergency plan. Ensure you are in a
safe location before the onset of strong winds or possible flooding.

– Keep cell phones well charged. Cell phone chargers for automobiles
can be helpful, but be aware of your risk for deadly carbon monoxide
poisoning if your car is left idling in a garage or other poorly
ventilated area.

– It is important to remain calm, informed, and focused during an
emergency. Be patient and helpful with those you encounter.

– If you are a visitor, be sure to know the name of the city or town in
which you are staying and the name of the county or parish in which
it resides. Listen for these locations in local news updates. Pay
attention for instructions from local authorities.

– Rapidly rising flood waters are deadly. If you are in a flood-prone
area, consider moving to higher ground. Never drive through a flooded
roadway. Remember, turn around don’t drown!

– Closely monitor weather.gov, NOAA Weather radio or local news outlets
for official storm information. Be ready to adapt to possible changes
to the forecast. Ensure you have multiple ways to receive weather

– For information on appropriate preparations see ready.gov
– For information on creating an emergency plan see getagameplan.org
– For additional disaster preparedness information see redcross.org

Deer Park Police Department

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