Navigating the brave new world of online dating: Tips from the Homer Police Department.

Listen, It’s a brave new dating world out there and “meeting” people on the internet is handy, and becoming the norm. With that, there are some general rules you ought to follow when courting the love of your life and soul-mate.
1. Stop sending nekid photos of yourself – For the love of all that is just, STOP DOING THIS.
2. Your friend doesn’t really know a Nigerian prince.
3. If you’ve set a time and place to actually meet your forever, and then you get a call saying they’ve been kidnapped and you need to fork over money – bells should be ringing in your head.
Especially if their life is only worth $700 in iTunes gift cards…..🤔

This dating tip brought to you by our friends at Homer Police Department

Deer Park Police Department

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