PPD cadets dive deep into the intricacies of the Penal Code with Officer J. Garrett navigated through endless pages of Texas law.

As the cadets advance into their 4th week at the police academy, they will persist in delving into the intricacies of the Penal Code under the guidance of Officer J. Garrett. This phase of the academy proves to be meticulous, requiring cadets to navigate through extensive pages of Texas law.

Although every academy instructor exhibits profound expertise and confidence, this segment calls for an instructor’s consistent patience and keen attention to detail. Officer J. Garrett, an Army Veteran with nearly a decade of service at the Pasadena Police Department, is the dedicated individual leading this phase.

Having previously served as a Field Training Officer, SRT member, and Honor Guard member during night shift patrol, Officer Garrett brings a wealth of experience to the academy. As an active SWAT member, he has been an integral part of the academy’s instructional team since 2021.

Officer Garrett’s commitment extends beyond the classroom; he not only imparts knowledge in various classes but actively participates in the cadets’ physical training and defensive tactics. We are grateful for Officer Garrett’s dedication as he mentors cadets across multiple facets throughout their police academy journey.

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