PPD Chief Wright and crew gathered around for a celebration honoring two outstanding sergeants who embody hard work, good communication, and virtue in their promotion to lieutenants.

Chief Wright extended a warm welcome to families, friends, and colleagues to celebrate the promotion of two sergeants. They are described as: hard workers, good communicators, and men of virtue.

Both have participated in several part-time (collateral) assignments in addition to successfully carrying out their routine daily duties. Collateral assignments offer numerous benefits to the police department and the community and provide a sense of accomplishment and service to the officers who choose to participate.

Chief Wright is confident they will continue to promote and protect a healthy work environment while staying positive and solution oriented.

We proudly embark on this new chapter alongside our newest lieutenants: Lt. Sorrell and Lt. Gonzalez. Congratulations to both for reaching this significant milestone in your careers.

Pasadena Police Department

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