PPD info to prevent your Kia or Hyundai getting ripped off and they came with the receipts..

Over the past several months, our Digital Intelligence Unit has been diligently working to create maps and spreadsheets to gather data for our personnel and the public to reference, aiming to decrease the number of Kia and Hyundai thefts. Below is a brief summary of their findings.

❗️❗️❗️High-Theft Areas:

The majority of thefts occur at apartment complexes. The next high-theft area is in a parking lot/ parking garage, followed by residences/homes and hotels.

🕜🕜🕜 Time Analysis:

On average, the majority of motor vehicle thefts occur between 1:30 AM and 4:00 AM.

🟢🟢🟢 Suggestions to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim of a vehicle theft:

– Use a steering wheel lock
– Check your VIN through the manufacturer’s website to determine if you are eligible for a free security software update
(Hyundai 1-800-633-5151)(Kia 1-800-333-4542)
– Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle – 💥ESPECIALLY FIREARMS💥. Stolen firearms could later be used in gunfire-related incidents or even crimes involving gun violence.
– Contact the police department IMMEDIATELY if you observe any suspicious activity.

As we continue our mission of reducing motor vehicle thefts in Pasadena, our Bike Patrol officers contacted apartment complex managers and residents on the north side this morning with flyers containing information for Kia/Hyundai owners.

Our goal is to provide valuable information on how we can work together to keep our community safe. Your cooperation and vigilance are crucial in this initiative. Together, we can make a significant impact in reducing vehicle thefts and enhancing the safety and quality of life within our community.

Pasadena Police Department

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