PPD Officer Fred Humphrey rode into retirement dedicating 41 years. Congratulations!

Officer Fred Humphrey grew up in Pasadena with his mother and father, who taught him the importance of working hard and developing self-discipline at a young age. When Fred was in the 6th grade, he worked at his parents’ grocery stores and would bag ice, mop, and use the cash register. He is grateful that his parents were strict with him and believes it shaped him into the dedicated officer he was throughout his career.

After attending a law enforcement class in high school, he decided to apply to the Pasadena Police Department. He was accepted into the Police Academy and began his career as a Police Officer in 1983.

Since childhood, Fred has enjoyed everything related to motorcycles. After completing his field training and gaining experience on patrol, he was thrilled to have the opportunity to become a motorcycle officer.

We congratulate Officer Humphrey on his retirement after 41 years at the Pasadena Police Department. We admire his integrity and ability to maintain professionalism and respect throughout his tenure. We thank Fred for the commitment and service he gave the citizens of Pasadena, and we hope he enjoys his well-earned retirement with his family!

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