PPD scam alert. Tips inside and contact the real Pasadena Police Department for help.


The Pasadena Police Department Financial Crimes Division has received reports from citizens stating that someone claiming to be a Pasadena Police Officer has called them to request payment over the phone. THIS IS A SCAM! Although the scammer may use the name of actual PPD personnel, we advise citizens to take certain actions and be aware of the following information to avoid becoming a victim of a financial crime:

🔴 The scammer might:

🚩 Identify as a police officer investigating a case
🚩 Advise you not to tell anyone about the phone call
🚩 Use intimidation techniques or pressure you to release personal identification info. or financial info. to them
🚩 Attempt to keep you on the phone
🚩 Ask you to purchase a gift card and to lie about the reason for purchasing it
🚩 Will sometimes have accurate information about you or your family (names, address etc.)
🚩 Might claim that you are under investigation and that you need to pay a fine

❌ DO NOT click on any pop-ups on your computer or open unexpected emails from Microsoft, Apple, or any other notification advising of a virus (Suspects can then access your computer remotely after instructing you to contact a specific phone number)
❌DO NOT give any of your personal identifying information
o ***If you have an active/open case with PPD and you receive a call from someone claiming to be a Detective, you have the option to disconnect the phone call, call us, and ask to be transferred to the Detective assigned to your case for clarification/ verification
❌DO NOT click on any links that you receive via text or e-mail that appear to be from a financial institution. Instead, call your bank directly to inquire about your accounts.
❌DO NOT purchase gift cards and then provide the gift card number/PIN over the phone

✅ Hang up on these callers and contact the police department (713)477-1221) for guidance.
✅ If you receive a suspicious phone call, hang up and contact your bank directly to verify whether or not someone is attempting to reach you about your account.

Please message or call us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Pasadena Police Department

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