PPD’s promotion celebrated for Brandon and Eric who are now Sergeants. Congratulations!

Many family members and friends gathered to celebrate the significant milestone of two officers promoting to the rank of Sergeant; Brandon McClain and Eric Lawhorn.

Chief Wright welcomed everyone and explained the tedious process that promoting entails. With support from their families and colleagues, Brandon and Eric committed to and successfully completed the challenge.

Brandon and Eric met with Chief Wright prior to the ceremony and talked about how much their family means to them. How a person relates to family can be a strong indicator of how they communicate as leaders and treat others in the workplace. Just as Brandon and Eric want what’s best for their families, they want the same for their officers — to protect them, develop them, and see them succeed.

Brandon was encouraged and inspired by his brother Cameron, who is also a Police Sergeant. He applied to and graduated from the 67th Pasadena Police Academy in 2013 and worked on evening shift patrol where he served as a Field Training Officer. Six years later he was assigned to the Financial Crimes Division and became a polygraph examiner in 2023. Brandon is grateful for his wife’s love and support as he continues to succeed in his law enforcement career.

Eric Lawhorn was born and raised in Pasadena and comes from a background deeply rooted in public service. His mother is a Nurse, and his father is a Firefighter. Eric has dedicated 14 years to the City of Pasadena and his career began in 2010 as a Police Service Officer. Eager to broaden his abilities, he applied to and was accepted into the 74th Pasadena Police Academy. He worked on both evening and night shift and was also a Field Training Officer. Eric’s Sergeant badge was pinned by his wife, whom he continues to share a strong foundation with in his personal life as he also navigates his professional endeavors.

Congratulations to Sgt. McClain and Sgt. Lawhorn on your promotions!

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