Que Onda Magazine honored the Chamber’s President Cristina Womack last weekend as the Woman of Excellence for her dedication to serving the Pasadena community.

Congratulations to our own Cristina Womack, who will be honored this weekend as a Woman of Excellence from Que Onda Magazine.
Cristina Womack, President of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, is a distinguished leader and servant of the Pasadena community. Despite professional recognition and corporate success, Cristina’s heart for community transformation and decade of volunteer service prior led her to her current position of ten years. Cristina is a graduate of Sam Houston State University and US Chamber Institute of Organizational Management, and she remains committed to consistent improvement and growth.

Her personal vision, “to honor God and empower others to reach their greatest potential” is her guiding principle that drives her goals and ambitions. Cristina has spearheaded innovative efforts and driven the transformative change she seeks to implement within the city through developing new leadership programs, advocating for change and meeting the needs of the community during times of disaster through collaboration and connecting others.

Cristina is also a devoted wife and empowering mom of two daughters, Bailey & Zoe.
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

Pasadena Chamber of Commerce