Recognizing the unsung heroes of the Pasadena Police Academy. PPD spotlights Alyssa’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Rarely do we recognize the police academy employees and the role they provide at the Pasadena Police Department. As a new Police Academy class begins on Monday, we will start to showcase the dedicated staff, detail their roles, and highlight the cadets’ progress for several weeks. We begin by recognizing Alyssa, our Police Academy Coordinator, who has been a valuable employee for 6 years.

Alyssa plays a crucial role in orchestrating all administrative tasks before, during, and after each cadet class. She describes the process as a team effort and that it requires all hands on deck.

Her duties start with the meticulous review of various documents and applications, followed by sending email confirmations to applicants scheduled for the Civil Service Exam. After an applicant passes the interview process, Alyssa schedules medical, fingerprint, and psychiatric evaluation appointments as part of the conditional offer process. While this process can be demanding, Alyssa describes it as both strategic and rewarding.

Alyssa particularly loves the moment when she reaches out to the individuals who successfully passed the full background process and presents the official job offer to them. Witnessing their responses to the offer is her favorite part of the entire process.

The Pasadena Police Department is so grateful to Alyssa for her tireless efforts in ensuring a seamless journey for cadets and staff throughout the academy, from start to finish. Thank you, Alyssa!

Pasadena Police Department

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