Relationships blossom in unexpected places at “A Little Piece of Heaven”. Join Pasadena Little Theater for auditions.

Directed by Kathy Pero, an unlikely relationship is forged in the quirky tourist shop called, “A Little Piece of Heaven”. A restless biker Mike, who works in the shop, finds a friend in the sassy, elderly Lily, although their relationship doesn’t start out that way. But there’s something odd about this little shop owned by the equally odd Elizabeth and Henry. Suspicion and disagreement turn to respect and trust in this place where long lost things are finally found.
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Resumes and Headshots are not necessary but will be appreciated.
Character descriptions are as follows:
*Henry: Shop owner, age flexible (50s and older)
*Elizabeth: Henry’s wife, age flexible (50s and older)
*Judith: The town’s mail carrier, age flexible (20s and older)
*Jared: Long-time friend of Henry’s – age flexible (50s or 60s)
Glory: Jared’s wife – age flexible, but should be younger than Jared
*Michael Cain: A biker (mid-30s and up)
Frank Thomas: Store Customer
Janet Thomas: Frank’s wife
Girl: Frank and Janet’s daughter
Boy: Frank and Janet’s son
*Lily Adair: A “young” woman of 87
Herb: Jared’s dad
Deb: Jared’s mom
Sam: Judith’s boyfriend; a librarian
Man/Woman: Another Customer – relatively young
Lily St. John: Lily Adair’s granddaughter – a good fit for Michael
*close to or over 100 lines of dialogue
+less than 50 lines of dialogue
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