The innovative Girl Scout Troop 143059 is on a mission at Armand Bayou to uncover bat secrets.

Girl Scout Troop 143059, mostly from the Pearland area, has been working on a Silver Award Project in conjunction with Amber Bearb, Fish and WIldlife Biologist USFWS and Jennifer Smith-Castro, USFWS White Nose Syndrome/Bat Coordinator. The Troop has been studying bats and taking bat hikes at ABNC with Kevin Bauman since the Fall of 2023. Today they deployed an acoustic listening device on the preserve as part of the North American Bat Monitoring Program. The data collected from this monitoring post will be used to compile the kind of bats in a specific location over time. Later in the Spring. the Troop plans to share this information with ABNC and the surrounding community.

Armand Bayou Nature Center