Dobie guide dogs are the best. New pup Rome, will be raised by Vianey.


🐕‍🦺Our 16 month old black lab siblings Sunday (raised by Vianey Alanis) and Steiner (raised by Ms. Morris) went back to the California campus via airplane two weeks ago. Those dogs are starting their formal training where they will embark on a 3-4 month long extensive, fast paced, advanced training prior to being paired with a blind person. Once the final testing is complete, the raisers will have the opportunity to return to campus to be reunited with their dog and meet the new handler.

🧡Azalea (who was started by Nayely Huynh) was transferred off campus to another raiser so Nayely could work with her livestock animals.

🐾We welcomed a new 9 week old lab female puppy today! “Rome” who will be raised by Vianey Alanis. Rome won’t be attending classes prior to school being out so she can work on her puppy kindergarten skills.

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