Parks and Recreation tip: Don’t be a crape murderer.

🫣↔️DON’T DO THIS TO YOUR CRAPE MYRTLES!!! The City of Pasadena’s Parks and Landscaping team recommends following Texas A&M Forest Service’s guidelines below. Although many have been struggling because of recent freezes and droughts, if you prune and maintain your crape myrtles properly, they will bloom beautifully!!

Texas A&M Forest Service:  “Crape myrtles are a common and beautiful sight in landscapes across Texas. Unfortunately, the practice known as “crape murder” is also a common sore-eyed sight seen this time of year. While winter months are typically a good time to prune trees, crape murder is an incorrect pruning practice that removes the entire top of the tree each year, also known as topping.

It’s a common myth that this practice is needed to create brilliant blooms or reduce the height of the tree. In reality, crape murder promotes the vigorous growth of many, weakly attached shoots from each cut. Done year after year, crape murder can lead to disfiguration and the decline of the tree.
So, how can we stop and prevent this practice?
First, when planting crape myrtles, select the right variety for the space. Look up the mature height of your selection before planting to ensure it won’t outgrow the space.
Next, prune to maintain the natural form of the tree. Less is typically more here. Focus on removing dead, dying, broken, diseased or rubbing branches and suckers that grow from the base of the tree.
Finally, help spread the word that crape murder should be stopped and together, maybe we can bring this crime to an end

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