Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day April 18th

One of the notable events that occurred on April 18th in Texas history is the resignation of Juan N. Seguin as mayor of San Antonio in 1842. Seguin fled to Mexico after being incriminated in General Rafael Vásquez’s of San Antonio. He later participated in Adrián Woll’s invasion of Texas and fought against the U.S. in the Mexican War.

Another interesting event that took place in Texas history was the release of a fictional “news” story by S.E. Hayden in 1897. The story described an unidentified flying airship crash near the town of Aurora, TX, sparking curiosity and intrigue among the residents.

In addition, in 1901, the Baylor College of Medicine held its first commencement with a graduating class of 15 students. This marked an important milestone for medical education in Texas.

On a lighter note, in 1934, the first Laundromat opened in Fort Worth, TX, providing residents with a convenient way to do their laundry.

These events, along with the quote from Red Adair about the beauty of Texas, serve as a reminder of the rich history and diverse culture of the state. It is fascinating to learn about the events that have shaped Texas into the beloved place it is today.