Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day April 23rd

On April 23, several significant events took place in Texas history. In 1892, the Fort Worth Public Library Association was established by a group of Fort Worth women with the purpose of accumulating paintings and artistic work for the enjoyment and cultivation of the people. This eventually led to the establishment of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in 1987.

In 1936, musician Roy Orbison was born in Vernon, TX, adding to the rich musical history of the state. In 1942, the Kenedy Alien Detention Camp in Texas began receiving prisoners, housing over 3,500 Japanese, German, and other foreign nationals during WWII.

In 1962, Duane Eddy performed “Deep in the Heart of Texas” on “American Bandstand,” showcasing the influence of Texas culture in the music industry. And in 1965, the Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs played their first game at Turnpike Stadium, beating Albuquerque before 7,231 fans in the minor league baseball game.